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Fascinated by why people do what they do, Aimee Holland has spent the last 18 years experimenting with what makes people act. Honing her skills and knowledge inside the sales and marketing arena she has some strong conclusions on what makes people buy. Through her journey, she’s been an advisor to the House of Commons, the European Economic and Social Committee and consulted with global companies such as Castrol and Mercedes in addition to having her own start-ups and agencies. She’s been on stage talking ‘The Future of Digital’ with companies like AllWeb, Microsoft and more, thousands of people have heard her ‘why marketing is like dating’ theory (rant!). As a “Geek by nature”, she is passionate about new technologies and how they influence purchase behaviour. This is especially evident in her work with emerging companies who often see digital technologies as the solution to their marketing challenge. With her work and knowledge, Aimee has helped companies and people transform for the better and moving forward her mission is to keep leaving situations better than when she found them.


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