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HomeExchange, a fantastic way to travel, meet people and feel like a local! 🌍✈️ 🏡
16th August 2018

Have you seen The Holiday? That movie where Cameron Díaz and Kate Winslet exchange their houses in England and Los Ángeles…

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Fuckup Night Málaga : How a disaster presentation nearly ruined my career (so i thought!) 🤔🤦💪
10th July 2018

Last but not least, as the final speaker of the night from the Fuckup Nights Málaga Vol.III, I’m going to end…

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Fuckup Night Malaga: How a 3 million euro investment led to a business fuckup! 🔥💰💶🔥
2nd July 2018

The second blog post from the Fuckup Night Málaga has arrived! Julia, who organizes the Fuckup Nights in Málaga is one…

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Fuckup Night Málaga: 3 crucial lessons to avoid a business Fuckup! 🔥🤓🙏
23rd June 2018

Thursday the 15th of June TLR Alameda (already our second coworking space) right in the centre of Málaga was lucky enough to…

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9 ways to reduce food waste and help save the world! 🥗🍴🌍 ❤
24th April 2018

So, the last TGIF ‘How is Silicon Valley and a Strawberry connected by the cold chain?’. Well, all was revealed…

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[AUDIO] 6 life hacks to gain kilos 🥞 or money 💸
19th February 2018

Our previous blog post gave you an insight into the amazing TGIF event on the 19th of January, which consisted of…

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10 secrets on how to carve Jamón like a professional
7th February 2018

All of us say it at least once a month (or if were being honest, maybe 4 times a month): Thank God…

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Soul Reaper Featured Image
Tried and True: 7 tips on staying motivated and productive
19th December 2017

I’ve been working on Soul Reaper, a completely home-made video game, on and off for more than 2 years. It’s a…

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Why for me coworking is paramount to productivity
18th October 2017

In past years, many people have asked me the very same obvious question: “So, do you prefer Germany or Spain?!” My…

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Coworking in China
What is office etiquette like in China?
30th September 2017

In recent blog posts by The Living Room I read about alternative ways of traveling by Mari Carmen Ampiée Vigil or…

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