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Possibilities with drone tech you’ve never thought of 🛩️⛰️🚜📹🏗️
25th April 2019

The short video at the end of this blog post is a simple example of our work, which was made to…

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Turn your mobile phone into a productivity device in 7 simple steps 📱✔️💪🤓
13th March 2019

I’ll admit, I’m a little bit of a productivity freak. So when I started to realise that the worst distraction I…

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A Year in Google Search
11th February 2019

In 2018 we saw significant changes in search results in four main areas: Localised search User intent Freshness Site usability Google…

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Practicups: The eco-friendly and cost effective answer to periods! ❤️🌲🌸💰
26th January 2019

The story of Practicups menstrual cups all started in 2016. This was when Mariví started thinking about better ways to manage her period….

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Synergies | Skindex protects your skin and the environment 😎☀️🌍🌳🌊
14th December 2018

Coworking spaces have many benefits compared to working at home, in my experience, they are a way of fostering friendships and…

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Building Coworking Spaces for Introverts 👩‍💻👍😅
11th November 2018

This article was originally published by our friends at Habu Sure, the world is filled with the larger-than-life humans who have a…

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A scuba divers’ impact and sustainable alternatives 🌊🐢🐟💡👏
21st October 2018

We are all responsible for the environment in which we live, however in recent years this responsibility has been ignored and…

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A TLR day trip to the Reservatauro Bull Farm and Ronda! 🐂💃🌄🇪🇸
18th September 2018

The TLR February day trip was definitely one to be remembered! First stop on the itinerary was the Reservatauro Ronda, which is a…

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HomeExchange, a fantastic way to travel, meet people and feel like a local! 🌍✈️ 🏡
16th August 2018

Have you seen The Holiday? That movie where Cameron Díaz and Kate Winslet exchange their houses in England and Los Ángeles…

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Fuckup Night Málaga : How a disaster presentation nearly ruined my career (so i thought!) 🤔🤦💪
10th July 2018

Last but not least, as the final speaker of the night from the Fuckup Nights Málaga Vol.III, I’m going to end…

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