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Skiing in Sierra Nevada
Skiing in Sierra Nevada with the Coworking Family
7th February 2020

Skiing in Sierra Nevada is an amazing experience! Here’s how to prepare, what it’s going to cost you, and what our coworkers would do next time they go.

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The Last Bite: A Food Waste Story ????
28th January 2020

We all like food, that’s a given. We all have an interaction with food every day, that’s a fact. However, we…

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Post-Holiday Productivity Tips
14th January 2020

Post-holiday productivity made easier with a collection of tips from our members and psychological research.

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Cryptocurrencies- An experiment that will lead to a revolution!???
21st December 2019

As a former member of the TLR family, my aim for the TGIF and for this blog post is to give…

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Celebrating Christmas and New Year’s in Malaga
19th December 2019

Christmas and New Year´s in Malaga, Europe´s warmest city, can be great fun! Here´s how to celebrate, eat, and dance like a local.

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The rise of in Málaga!
7th December 2019

The moto; “don’t waste your time”, the aim; education, innovation and infotainment (media that provides a combination of information and entertainment)….

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Thank God It's Friday at The Living Room Coworking
Stone Soup meets TLR – An inspiring exchange between coworking spaces
7th November 2019

For the last 4 years The Living Room has formed part of the European Creative Hubs Network (ECHN), a great association…

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The 5-step leadership plan to success! ???
20th October 2019

I wanted to follow on from the previous Thank God it’s Friday at TLR where I presented about my experience in…

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What is so great about working from Spain?
18th September 2019

In San Diego, some of my coworkers are just getting into the office while in Spain the workday for most people…

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From Losing It All to Mastering the Stock Market-How to Invest Money Wisely!
20th August 2019

*Disclaimer- Investing always carries risk, any money you put in could fall in value. Put bluntly, you could lose it all….

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