Have you seen The Holiday? That movie where Cameron Díaz and Kate Winslet exchange their houses in England and Los Ángeles and live an incredible adventure… Did you think that was real? Well it can be! Now you can travel for free and live exciting adventures (meeting Jude Law maybe?) with HomeExchange, the same website as you see in the movie!

My name is Pilar, a devoted traveller and a curious blogger who was once an Agronomist Engineer. Now I enjoy the challenge of belonging to the international team of HomeExchange.com, enriching and developing my professional career in a startup environment and living the adventure of converting the exchange of houses into a mainstream accommodation option. A few weeks ago, I was lucky enough to host an event at the new TLR Alameda coworking office and share my knowledge about HomeExchange to the local community of Málaga, and how it could change their lives!

HomeExchange.com started 25 years ago, with Ed Kushins (yes, those days without Internet) and now it has become a global project with more than 65.000 members worldwide. I am passionate about what the freedom of HomeExchange could give to the people of Málaga, in a time of uncertainty and still recovering from a recession, many still struggle to afford a holiday. During the event at TLR, I gave information to the local and international community to make them aware that there IS a viable option to escape for a while! I strive to inspire, and let people know they can become an innovative traveller, part of a creative community who loves exploring the world where they can live like a local in every destination! It’s much more than just a house exchange, it’s a home from home!

I think it surprised people who came along to the event how simple it actually is. Once you have registered, you can complete your profile and your listing (the house you would like to exchange) and get ready to start searching for your dream destination! A nice beach in Spain, some European city, a French village in the countryside or maybe an exotic destination? Just search for your preferred destination and have a look at what’s on offer. Select those you like the most and send messages to the owners. Before you know it, you’re on a beach somewhere far far away!

I intend to host more events like the one at TLR around the city for the community of Málaga who are passionate about travelling, and give them the option for a quick and cheap getaway whenever they feel like it. You never know, maybe you can be the next HomeExchange traveller!

Check out our website for more information and the current membership prices.


About Pilar



After working as an Agronomist engineer for 13 years, Pilar started to found her own company (coSfera) introducing the concept of coworking in her city and actively participating in the startup, entrepreneur and digital ecosystem in Córdoba since 2011. Nowadays, she works as a Communication and Content Manager for HomeExchange.com and GuesttoGuest.com, the world’s leading home exchange websites.

Passionate about social media, collaborative economy, teamwork and, above all, travelling! I am the fourth leg of my family (2 + 2). We like to enjoy life to the fullest and learn together every day.