Life is full of surprises, and life in Rincón de la Victoria is no exception. Although we were accustomed to spontaneous parties, meeting new interesting people and incredible sunsets on the beach, now we were totally unprepared for COVID-19. From March 14th we found ourselves in a strict national lockdown to stop this virus from spreading.

Fortunately for most of our coworking family, we were healthy, with a nice place to live and able to continue working online from our homes. Nowadays there are many ways to connect, without leaving the house. Using Zoom, WhatsApp and e-mail, we continued connecting with our growing coworking family.

Moving forward

While searching for the first coworking space of TLR in Rincón, we kicked off our first online community meeting on the 7th of April. Paula Melbourne, who lives in La Cala del Moral and works as an independent HR consultant and Director of Due South Consulting, was happy to share her knowledge and ideas on how to LOVE yourself in lockdown. Paula shared her top 12 tips to help us get started, explore, reflect upon what works and what doesn’t for each of us individually.

TLR Coworking Rincón de la Victoria Community Event

Inspire me, please!

After already three weeks isolated at home it was more than welcome to hear from Paula what she does to stay happy and healthy at home. Although I was happy and healthy, and feeling that this ‘free’ time was also a gift to develop myself, I could really use some inspiration to get most out of it. Here are 3 of the 12 tips that Paula shared with us (and yes, these are also applicable outside of lockdown, for example when you work remotely out of your home office).


For us freelancers this is something that we have been confronted with before: it’s so important to have a designated workspace! That’s why we all long for a good coworking space, so we can easily separate work from our private life. But until then, and especially during this lockdown, it’s very important to make sure you don’t work from your bedroom or sofa. Keep those reserved for relaxing and make sure you have a designated place for working hours (kitchen table or a separate room) and make it as comfortable as you can. Also pay attention to lighting, air supply and to the chair and desk that you are working on.

Protect your energy

“Do yoga or meditate daily or a few times per week – 15 minutes per day makes a big difference”, Paula recommended. There are many online classes and videos that can help you make it part of your routine. It will make you feel more relaxed and keep your mind clear and sharp. Besides that, make sure that you first take care of yourself and your energy level before taking care of others so you can be totally present and of service. During the meeting, I recommended the mindfulness class I’m taking myself.

Limit social media

With so much time at home, it’s tempting to check social media and the news frequently. Of course, it’s good to stay up to date, but be aware that constant updates can increase stress and anxiety. Try to limit social media engagement to more than 3 times per day.

Read all 12 of Paula’s tips & tricks that she shared with us during the first online community event for TLR Rincón. I must say it really helped me to hear someone else’s ideas. Besides, I was happy to know that I’m not the only one struggling to find the best routine right away! 

How did you take care of yourself during the 3-month lockdown? Share your thoughts, advice and ideas in the comments! 

Since our first April online community meeting, Spain began its de-escalation process, with a gradual lifting of restrictions. As we step forward into the ‘new normal’ we continue working on creating a beautiful and comfortable workspace to connect freelancers, entrepreneurs and digital nomads in Rincón de la Victoria. Sign up and stay up to date with community events and the news of our new coworking space.