Agencia BEST

Agencia Best at The Living Room Coworking

Nowadays learning English is not a luxury or a whim, but a real need for everybody, and especially for young people. Spending some periods in England or other English-speaking country, taking an English course and immersing yourself in the English language and culture is essential to face an academic and professional future with confidence. Agencia BEST offers a wide range of options for learning a language aimed at all ages, from camps in Spain, through summer courses, academic year and quarter, to practices and paid work, always offering “the BEST options”.

Here are the Agencia BEST talents working at The Living Room Coworking:

Alex Sims at The Living Room CoworkingThe manager of the company, Alex, qualified as a professor of English for foreigners by the University of Cambridge and a great expert in this sector, runs Agencia BEST since its inception and always tries to give its clients the best possible service, also committing to be in Great Britain during the months of July and August to ensure that everything promised is fulfilled.