Birdy Designers

Birdy Designers at The Living Room Coworking

Birdy Designers Málaga have specialised in enhancing your image and that of your company through corporate video reports, photography, brand design and web development. Today your image counts, whether as a person or a business, and Birdy Designers can put at your disposal the tools and advice in design and publicity necessary to carry out your investment. Either to cover advertising objectives for your company, advertising in digital media, technical photography or reporting, (video and photography), corporate or real estate report, give Birdy Designers a shout and explain your needs. Having a multidisciplinary technical team on staff allows Birdy Designers to offer the best conditions and deadlines for execution and development with the maximum guarantees of satisfaction.

Here are the Birdy Designers talents working at The Living Room Coworking:

Gaudencia García at The Living Room CoworkingGaudi is the co-owner of Birdy Designers. He’s passionate about all things design, photography and piloting drones.