Bitnami at The Living Room Coworking

Bitnami is a rapidly growing, self-funded, profitable and globally distributed company. To maintain a singular focus on being leaders in application packaging the decision making process is guided by the Bitnami values, which continually challenge Bitnami to engineer simple solutions to the ever-changing complex problems users face, and to work collaboratively through that process.

Here are the Bitnami talents working at The Living Room:

Ara manages the Kubernetes and SRE teams at Bitnami. She is a certified Kubernetes administrator. Bitnami’s Kubernetes team is responsible for developing and maintaining Bitnami’s open source projects in the application deployment for Kubernetes space (Kubeapps, Kubeless, Sealed Secrets, Kubecfg, Kubeprod).
The SRE team is responsible of Bitnami’s internal infrastructure (Kubernetes clusters in several public clouds), creating automated processes and tools to allow developers deploy and monitor their workloads.