Blue Sparrow Apps

Blue Sparrow Apps at The Living Room Coworking

Blue Sparrow Apps is a software development company which specialise in creating award winning apps for mobile phones and tablets. Blue Sparrow write apps for all the leading mobile platforms such as Google Android and Apple iOS. Each platform has it’s own identity and quirks. Don’t compromise your app by launching on just one platform. Blue Sparrow are passionate about creating great user experiences, with well engineered apps that can be updated and augmented in the future. As a small company, Blue Sparrow Apps are flexible. If you want a project quickly, or want them to work with your existing development team and pass on knowledge, Blue Sparrow can accommodate that.

Here are the Blue Sparrow Apps talents working at The Living Room:

Simone at The Living Room CoworkingSimone has been developing apps for several years and has a great knowledge of the deep innerworkings of Android. He is a full stack developer, handling everything from user interfaces through to databases. In addition to his technical skills, he is also educating Blue Sparrow Apps in an appreciation for all things Italian.