Die Ligen

Die Ligen at The Living Room Coworking

Since 2004 Die Ligen records football matches in Germany and other countries. Die Ligen offer a comprehensive video production of all leagues relevant to scouting. The core team organizes and works for a smooth process of all orders 24/7.

Here are the Die Ligen talents working at The Living Room Coworking:

Ricardo has international working and business experience, excellent communication skills in several languages, and outstanding social and networking skills. As an entrepreneur Ricardo is always looking for new learning and business opportunities in technology, sustainability, education, and the sports industries.
Persistent, hard-working, self-initiative, looking for new challenges, self-motivated and able to encourage people around himself, Ricardo aims for this professional and personal objective: Contribute with his knowledge and experience to the development of a better society promoting self-consciousness, sustainability and values aiming a better quality of life. Countries of expertise: Spain, Mexico and Germany.