Ecanvasser at The Living Room Coworker

Ecanvasser was founded in 2012. The company started out with just one person, and has grown to a business with a global footprint that powers campaigns spanning five continents that has engaged millions of voters from our office in Cork, Ireland.

Ecanvasser is the next-generation of campaign tool. No messing, no fluff, just powerful software that helps you win! The campaigns Ecanvasser work with realize there is a better way to organize supporters and build better relationships with voters.

Ecanvasser have built a great product on the back of a brilliant team made up of developers, designers, marketers, campaigners, politicos, Déise men, footballers, Netflix bingers, Castle Inn aficionados, but most of all hard workers dedicated to building and supporting world class software.

Here are the Ecanvasser talents working at The Living Room:

Patri Guillin at The Living Room CoworkingPatri is a UI/UX designer and describes herself as creative, proactive, hard working, constantly keeping up to date with the latest trends, and fascinated with the digital world. Patri believes that good teamwork is one of the ways to produce the best quality work possible. She enjoys working with a team of coworkers as well as with individual clients. Often times conversations and debates about how to best approach a project are the most productive and enriching ways to improve a group’s work. With strong analysis and design skills, Patri looks forward to approaching any project, from beginning to end, as a new opportunity to learn. Having taken this approach with previous projects, she has also acquired good organizational and management skills.