emakina at The Living Room Coworking

Emakina is a leading independent European digital agency with global reach. Its technology and marketing experts in 12 countries work in concert with their clients to grow their business and brand value. Together, they gain the necessary user insights to develop highly effective strategies and creations. These include cutting-edge applications, websites, e-commerce projects, impactful content and campaigns. Emakina designs and executes wonderful, useful, effective, original and memorable user experiences. As the ambassadors for users, the agency places their expectations and requirements at the heart of any digital experience. This user-centric approach guides the design and production of any digital experience worthy of that name. It offers Emakina’s customers and their brands a privileged relationship with their new leaders: the consumers of the digital age.

Here are the Emakina talents working at The Living Room Coworking:

Luca Vicini at The Living Room CoworkingLuca is a senior marketing manager with a major interest in online marketing, data science, web analytics, the high tech industry and IT. Luca has extensive experience with online marketing, web analytics, convergence networks and multimedia over IP technologies. Luca’s past professional experiences cover both fixed broadband and mobile telecommunications. His specialties are best summed up by: online marketing, web analytics, SEO, PPC, quantitative approach to market forecasting, marketing engineering, product management and marketing strategy.


Santiago Malter-Terrada at The Living Room CoworkingAs an ambitious and hungry innovator, Santiago constantly welcomes new challenges. Obtained during various ventures, his entrepreneurship skills are significantly facilitating Santiago’s willingness to share ideas and develop them with his peers. This together with practical business knowledge was appreciated in Santiago’s professional network, where he’s sometimes described as “an e-business junkee with a knack for IT”. Always being a supporter of self-education, Santiago believes that one should build himself or herself on top of one’s personal interests and practical experience, rather than rhetorical speeches.