FINSA has become aware of the responsibility of using wood as a raw material to transform and develop solutions. Finsa have incorporated many of their strengths into the organisation: flexibility, solidity, emotional proximity, comfort and quality. The company has always moved in the same direction and today, their wide commercial range is present in the daily life of people, as an integral part of the environment that Finsa particularly like. Finsa have never lost sight of their origins and have evolved without ever forgetting the enduring aspect of their activity and raw material. Thanks to this attitude, Finsa has earned the respect of the main markets in which it operates.

Enrique Galán Bernardino at TLR Coworking

At FINSA Enrique collaborates with architecture and interior design studios to define materials, fields of use and installation of products derived from wood.




Francisco Cuevas Maeso at TLR CoworkingFrancisco works as a sales rep at FINSA.