Generation Strength

Generation Strength at The Living Room Coworking

Generation Strength specialises in strength training and an individualised posture-reset protocol to get people lean, pain free and feeling confident. Gemma, the creator of Generation Strength, uses her habit-based coaching system to help you lose fat, keep progressing and show you how to be in the driver’s seat and take charge of your health. Together with Gemma you navigate all the important stuff such as stress, sleep, work, exercise, meal prep, and nutrition to give you all the tools necessary to succeed, without herself. Generation Strength’s unique approach also includes posture and movement analysis to create the best possible exercise plan, which is executed during 1:1 high-end coaching or small-group training sessions. Gemma strongly believes in measuring your goals, to avoid guessing; that’s why a retest happens every 4-6 weeks to make sure you are improving and reaching your goals.

Here goes the mastermind behind Generation Strength working at The Living Room Coworking:

Gemma Schofield at The Living Room CoworkingGemma is a health and fitness coach that moved to sunny Málaga to set up her own training business Generation Strength. She focuses on an holistic approach to health that includes posture and movement assessments, habit-based coaching, individualised exercise programming and a custom nutritional approach that focuses on what to include to optimise your body, mind and lifestyle. When Gemma is not analysing people’s posture and gait or thinking about what to cook for the next meal, you will find her enjoying the outdoors, beach, hiking, paddle, biking and of course as many coffee’s as she can squeeze in between training clients to be awesome and pain free. Gemma loves to connect with people, share stories and have a balance between work and play, though, Gemma is very fortunate to love what she does, so there is always a crossover between the two and that’s what makes life sweet. Gemma is truly obsessed with travel, food and coffee so her perfect day includes a combination of all three with great company that will listen to her talk about the most life-changing food experiences she’s had.