Ian Moss

Ian Moss at The Living Room Coworking

Ian runs Alteris, a small technology consultancy. Alteris help produce solutions, in a team with you. They can architect, lead and design processes for you to produce solutions to the business problems that matter. Alteris have helped many established companies, and equally small companies & startups.

Ian, Alteris’ founder, has over 20 years of commercial software development experience across a variety of industries, and languages. He saw the first dot com boom in Thames Valley, and has been involved in many startups in Manchester, some of which were his own – one of which went through Manchester’s first tech accelerator. He is keen on travel technology, collaboration, and agile development. Regularly attends XP Manchester, NW RUG, and a whole variety of product orientated meetups. He often advises companies as well as taking an active role in their implementation evolution. He is keen to collaborate with companies in Manchester, Berlin, Munich and Málaga.