immerwir at The Living Room Coworking

Why do we need a wedding planner? This one day – your wedding day – is something very special. You say YES to your love, to a common life and to all adventures that are yet to come. Your loved ones are happy with you and are just as excited and expectant as you. Instead of dealing with organizing, calling and preparing, you should enjoy the anticipation of this one big day to the fullest. With the know-how, trend awareness and network of professional service providers immerwir offers, you can be sure that your most important day of your life is in the right hands. Let yourself be happy!

Here go the immerwir talents working at The Living Room Coworking:

Edina Hillmer at The Living Room CoworkingEdina is a wedding planner and passionate hairdresser. Emotional words, personal stories and the happiness of love, have always fascinated Edina. Since her study of literature, she dreamed of bringing the beauty of words to life. Edina is very happy and grateful that she is allowed to pursue the things she loves: Make people happy and connect the love of the written word with your story.