Impact Hub Málaga

Impact Hub at The Living Room Coworking

Impact Hub is the world’s largest community (16,000+ members) and accelerator for positive change. With 100+ locations across five continents, in more than 50 countries, Impact Hub has the local startup communities needed to fuel and mobilize amplified innovation. Impact Hub builds community for impact at scale.

Here are the Impact Hub talents working at The Living Room Coworking:

Gines Haro at The Living Room CoworkingGinés is changing how business is done. He started his first social enterprise when he was just 10. Ginés has turned down multiples traditional and prestigious jobs to work on impactful projects and enterprises. Now Ginés helps others do the same – build lives, companies and careers where they don’t have to choose between making a living and making an impact. Ginés is passionate about the exponential organisations transformation and massive transformative purpose. He firmly believes that as more and more people commit to working with purpose, we will solve our social problems, improve how business is done, and lead fulfilling lives. Ginés covers the following areas of expertise: entrepreneurship and innovation methodologies, social and impact entrepreneurship, sustainability, creative, leadership and strategy, exponential organizations, ethical and purposeful careers.