Kumous at The Living Room Coworking

Kumous help multi-talented people with diverse work experience and training backgrounds to land jobs that they totally love. They help you to think outside of the box and discover what you truly have to give. Learn to define and verbalize your unique expertise so that everyone gets you and sees what you have to offer. Kumous offer free inspirational materials that help you find the key to success in your job hunt.

Here go the Kumous talents working at The Living Room Coworking:

Anna-Maria Leogrande at The Living Room CoworkingAnna-Maria believes that we all have the right to find fulfilling, motivating and meaningful work. Whether you are seeking a new job opportunity or finding the perfect new fit in your team, Kumous can help you out! Anna-Maria’s strengths are employment, multi-talents job seeking, values, diversity, meaningful work, and candidate experience.