Mr. Anti Snore

Mr Anti Snore at The Living Room

Mr. Anti Snore commercialise the most effective and economic anti snoring mouthpiece of high quality; therefore it is the most effective and economic way to stop snoring. The anti snoring mouthpiece has proven in clinical tests to be the most effective snoring aid. Because of this Mr. Anti Snore offer you a high quality anti snoring mouthpiece for a much lower price than any competitors.

Here are the Mr. Anti Snore talents working at The Living Room Coworking:

Originally Clariska is an art historian and has spent three years teaching English before she started working for Mr. Anti Snore. Clariska’s main job is to write blogs for Mr. Anti Snore’s websites and she is also responsible for customer service.



Jasper at The Living Room CoworkingJasper is a passionate entrepreneur active in online marketing since 2006. He moved permanently to Spain in 2009 to start an online marketing agency, which he led for 6 years. In 2015 Jasper made the transition to inventing his own brands and webshops, becoming the online market leader in the Netherlands with one of anti-snoring product. He now is starting to take his first steps to venture into the offline world of bricks and mortar stores.