One Human Project

The One Human Project at The Living Room Coworking

Are we all really connected? Is the suffering of one felt by all? Is the love of one shared by all? The One Human Project’s purpose is to prove whether or not we are truly, physically, all connected to one another. This might sound like a crazy idea, a proof that is not within our grasp, but it is quite achievable. To live in a world where everyone knows that any harm, and any good, they do to others, in whatever form it takes, is spread out through everyone, including their own family, friends, children, and even themselves. The positive change in general human behavior could be staggering, unlike any we have seen so far.

Here is the master mind behind The One Human Project working at The Living Room Coworking:

Michael Moore at The Living Room CoworkingMichael was born in Canada at a time when nobody had computers, no cellphones, no internet, and life was mostly about going to school, playing, or watching television. Michael has always been one of those discontented persons that spends their lives feeling like they don’t fit in anywhere, no matter how hard they’ve tried and searched. Throughout a seeking process of purpose and belonging, Michael has questioned pretty much everything based on many experiences that science is not able to explain. Michael believes that our reality is far from what we see: We are multi-dimensional beings of some kind, and this physical world/our body is just a part of who we are.