Pamela Smit

Pamela Smit at The Living Room Coworking

Pamela dedicates herself with great enthusiasm to organizations that want to make a positive impact in the world. Organizations that want to add real value to their environment, and not only see business as “a way of making money”, but understand that you can use business as “a force for good”. Pamela’s added value cannot be captured in a well-defined box, but if you are looking for someone, who puts the customer as a human being and from there indicates the direction, suggests good solutions and actions and ensures that matters are arranged; then let’s drink coffee. If you want to put Pamela in a box, you can think of roles such as: Customer Journey Expert, CX Manager, Product Owner, Project Manager, Product Manager, Innovation Advisor, or sometimes just Marketer. Pamela would describe herself as: energetic, curious and enthusiastic; strategic thinker and decisive doer; agile is a mindset!