Quantoz at The Living Room Coworking

Quantoz is a European technology company, which services open, decentralised concepts with pragmatic solutions. For this purpose Quantoz create and implement blockchain-based applications. They believe in Distributed Ledger Technology (DLT), which provides for online ledgers keeping record of transactions that can’t be changed. Benefits of DLT include, SPEED (it’s faster than relying on a central certifier), COST (computer costs are paid for by all participants who can earn incentives), TRANSPARENCY (regulators and compliance offers have clearer insight) and TRACKING (the ledger is present across multiple participants, making blockchain transactions easy to track).

Here are the Quantoz talents working at The Living Room Coworking:

Nicholas Eastham at The Living Room CoworkingNicholas is an experienced entrepreneur with a drive for founding companies and growing these into successful enterprises in their respective sectors. In over +20 years he has developed commercial acumen leading energy, software consulting, real estate and fintech businesses in The Netherlands and Spain. Building relationships with clients has been fundamental to his success, resulting in a significant personal network of business contacts across Europe. Speaking fluently in English, Dutch and Spanish has also been crucial for working internationally across different projects to overcome a range of challenges. Nicholas is passionate, driven and people-focused and describes himself as someone, who thrives on achieving positive outcomes. Currently Nicholas focuses on scaling Quantoz, a multi-award winning Distributed Ledger Technology (DLT) company which he co-founded in 2013. Besides been admitted to and winning various accelerator programs, Quantoz were included in KPMG’s ‘top 50 emerging fintech companies’.