at The Living Room Coworking

Essentially, Patricia at does everything but code. She analyses your business and defines your product offering, sets up workflow processes and implements which software solutions or templates will be most efficient for your company. Patricia writes software requirements specifications, designs your UI, manages your programmers, writes test cases and does QA. She can set up your website, write your marketing content and define your sales strategy. Finally Patricia can create your end user documentation and provide training either through e-Learning or onsite. Whatever your company needs, Pat Gets It Done.

Patricia Kack at The Living Room CoworkingAs a communicator and multi-tasker with a wide range of technical skills, Patricia has the ability to turn complex jargon into easy to understand concepts. She has honed these skills as a strategist, business analyst, technical manager, project manager, software implementer, sales and marketing lead, trainer and writer in locales as diverse as Canada, the US, the UK, Europe, Africa, Asia, Oceania, and the Caribbean. With 15 years of technical experience, Pat leverages technology to help businesses be more efficient, simplifying everyday tasks, and optimizing processes to ensure lean operations and maximum productivity. Her mission is to enable women to unlock their potential to be the change-makers of the world by giving them the skills, making them believe, turning on their light. As a mentor and startup enabler, Pat likes using her skills to support women-led initiatives worldwide.