Sineco Acústica

Sineco Acustica at The Living Room Coworking

Sineco Acústica was born out of the intention to create interior environments that are quieter, calmer, and more productive. Being designed by architects, Sineco panels have not only an aesthetic value, but eradicate harsh echoes, reduce overall noise levels and restore acoustic clarity in the space.

The mission of the company is to improve the quality of life by reducing stress, favouring communication and interpersonal relationships and improving the work environment so that people are happier in their daily life. Sineco Acústica’s work covers all areas of interior acoustic, from initial assessments and testing, to design, supply and the installation of acoustic panels.

Here are the Sineco Acústica talents working at The Living Room Coworking:

Ana Salamanca at The Living Room CoworkingAna, founder and manager of Sineco Acúsitca, has more than 14 years experience in the industry of architecture. After working in Germany for more than 8 years as a project manager, she has started her career as an entrepreneur by merging her two greatest passions: architecture and acoustics.
Through Sineco, Ana wants to reinforce the importance of acoustic comfort in people’s physical and mental well-being.