Soulweb Solutions

Soulweb at TLR Coworking

Soulweb Solutions is a young IT company, specialized in the development of web and mobile applications, with a focus on building customized tools for researchers and institutions to manage data and GIS/mapping solutions. Soulweb is the hub of a network connecting professionals, students and professors, customers and suppliers. The focus is on projects rather than on products, because every project is an adventure that integrates ideas, people and technologies. Soulweb aims to work for the well-being of people and the planet. Profit is instrumental to share culture, wealth and innovation with the territory to take care of the future. In this knowledge-based company everyone is an entrepreneur and uses his/her talent to develop business from within. The organization is horizontal and the relationships are based on trust rather than hierarchy. Knowledge workers grow by developing their competences, know-how, leadership and communication skills. School and work are connected. The company itself is a school of competencies. It fosters people to develop new skills and make their dreams come true. In short, a place where different generations meet and design the future together. Undergraduate, graduate and postgraduate students, teachers and managers, experts in every field come together to share their knowledge and work on new, challenging projects.

Marco Martin with flag at The Living Room CoworkingMarco is a full-stack developer and Drupal specialist with more than 10 years of experience in the web applications field. Marco loves Drupal, most of his projects were built on it. He likes to be creative, taking care of all the steps of the project development, with a special focus on reliability and user experience. Marco is an open source enthusiast and an active member of the Drupal community worldwide. He prefers agile and behaviour driven development (BDD).


Giuseppe is a software developer focused on web technologies. In love with the programming world since early age, he loves and mainly develops his projects with Drupal keeping an eye on the web-dev eco system (php, Symfony, WordPress, Python, Reactjs, HTML, CSS, Javascript, etc…). Besides his main commitment to SoulWeb Soultions, he’s also instructor and operations manager for the international coding academy SmartNinja in Málaga.

Andrea Iervolino at The Living Room CoworkingAndrea is a computer engineer and project manager. He is an open-source enthusiast with more than 10 years of experience in the web applications field. After several years of close collaboration, together with Marco, he founded Soulweb Solutions, where he currently acts as CEO. Andrea is working also as a consultant for the European Commission, who is in charge of the management and development of the Aquaknow project, an European Union Water Initiative (EUWI) managed by the Joint Research Centre of the European Commission. AquaKnow is a collaborative workspace and content management system dedicated to technical and scientific knowledge for the sustainable development of the water sector.

Angela Candela at TLR

Angela, originally from Erice in Italy, is a professional translator in (EN-IT and ES-IT). She is a junior software developer with knowledge about php, Symfony, HTML, CSS, Javascript and more. Angela has a Master in dubbing, translation and subtitling at the European University of Madrid, and a Bachelor’s degree (110 cum laude) in Interpreting and Translation at the IULM University of Milan.


Davide Bruner at TLR CoworkingDavide is a front end and back end developer working in a variety of languages like html5, css3, javascript (es6+), reactjs, nextjs, remixjs, php, nodejs, mysql, postgres, mariadb, rest api and graphql (apollo).