Thibault Lefevre

Thibault Lefevre at TLR Coworking

Thibault is a specialist in Commercial Kitchen Design and Planning. He has been in the hotel/catering industry for 15 years now. Initially driven by the desire to become a chef, he quickly broadened his horizon from working in a restaurant and later an entire hotel to finally find his way in the design of complete catering projects. Passionate about project design, he first started in the profession as an asembler’s assistant on installations, in order to learn as much as possible before taking a position in a bureau d’études.
He immediately wanted to manage the projects he was working on, becoming a Project Manager.
Then, finding himself in a small, fast-growing company, he had the opportunity to become Responsable du Bureau d’Etudes, with all the associated functions, a non-existent position before his arrival to the company.