WaystoCap at The Living Room Coworking

WaystoCap was set up in 2014 with the vision to make trade in Africa accessible and easy. Their headquarters in Casanlanca (Morocco) make this possible. The company works by using technology to create a marketplace, in which buyers and sellers can find, manage, and pay for their merchandise in a secure and verified environment. WaystoCap go beyond just matchmaking buyers and sellers, for example, they help arrange payments and logistics. By creating a trusted community of buyers and sellers the company is revolutionising the way trade is done in Africa, and will support the next generation of businesses.

Here are the WaystoCap talents working from The Living Room Coworking:

Collin at The Living Room CoworkingCollin is a business minded software developer. When building software products, Collin looks at it first from a business case, then the user experience lens and then finally the technical. He spends time every week working with the latest technology as well as following trends in growth and marketing. His ideal role is working with a multifunctional team that incorporates business strategy, marketing and user experience into product decision-making.



Martins at The Living Room CoworkingMartins is a senior UX/UI designer, who turns complicated problems into simple design solutions.




Hicham at The Living Room CoworkingHicham is a Hacker (first sense of the term) and an AI enthusiast, who loves working on multiple areas related to entrepreneurship. He started getting to the technology world through his love for free software and has been working on different startup related areas, including growth marketing, product, user experience, data insights and whatnot.



Niama at The Living Room CoworkingNiama




Nic Nic at The Living Room Coworking