Wegaw at TLR Coworking
Wegaw is the underlying technology to a sustainable energy future. Through the power of satellite data, we monitor renewable energy sources like water and snow, so that companies around the world can optimize clean energy production by reducing renewable energy imbalances, increasing trading efficiencies and moving away from fossil fuel reliances.

Here are the Wegaw talents working at The Living Room Coworking:

Ion Padilla at The Living Room CoworkingIon is on a mission to completely transform how we understand and operate space data through technology. From CERN to Hewlett Packard to building his own startup, Ion has been immersed in high-tech related organizations since he finished his software engineer studies. As a business consultant, Ion has helped industry companies turn their business vision into reality through technology, holding innovation workshops with C-level executives from companies such as Nestlé, Swisscom, Syngenta, Swiss, Carrefour, Pictet or United Nations.


Gonzalo Alvarez at TLR CoworkingGonzalo is a Solution Architect at Wegaw. With his experience in programming and IT infrastructure, his goal at WeGaw is to help create a robust and performing solution to process satellite data and help businesses make the correct decisions based on it.



Jorge De Vivero at TLR CoworkingJorge is an enthusiastic MSc Industrial Engineer, graduated with a Master in Business Intelligence and Big Data, with 6+ years’ experience in different OEMs specializing in customer service, operations, data analytics & metrics, critical thinking and project management. He is proficient in three languages.



Becky Rowland at TLR coworkingBecky is a Marketing Manager, with 20+ years of international B2B
marketing experience within technology, professional services,
finance and renewable energy sectors, Becky is utilising her vast skill
set to elevate Wegaw’s brand presence within
key markets and do everything in her power
to support this climate-tech’s aspirational expansion plans.