Whalar at The Living Room

Whalar is an influencer marketing platform on a mission to “Liberate the Creative Voice”. Whalar are focused on providing a new operating model for producing high quality creative work and accessing engaged audiences. This new operating model is done globally, in a fraction of the time it has traditionally taken and for a fraction of the cost. Whalar are the Facebook, Instagram and Snapchat official partner for influencers, have advertising legend Sir John Hegarty as Chairman and work with brands like Unilever, Diageo, Estee Lauder, Apple and Ralph Lauren. The quality of creativity and scalability of Whalar’s approach is always what blows people away.

Here are the Whalar talents working at The Living Room Coworking:

Alejandro at The Living Room Coworking

Alejandro is a full stack developer on Whalar’s leading market influencer platform in partnership with Facebook, Instagram and Snapchat, working with Elasticsearch, ReactJS, PHP/Symfony framework, PHP/Slim framework, Python/Flask framework, Docker swarm, Amazon AWS, and more.



Gabi at The Living Room Coworking

Gabriel is a developer, system and database administrator, with a wide set of skills across all of those 3 areas. Just to name a few: PHP, NodeJS, HTML5, Bootstrap, Apache, Debian, Ubuntu, Python, MySQL, Mandrill, and many more.




Hendrik studied digital communication and multi media at the University of Applied Sciences in Aachen. Even during his study he decided to go to the South of Spain and lives and works there since 2016. In August 2017 he joined Whalar as a front end developer.



Tetiana is a professional UI/UX designer from Ukraine with 3 years of job experience (1 year in role of product designer). Over this time she got a lot of experience with design for different projects using basic approaches of conversion-oriented and customer experience design. She is truly passionate about UX.
Tetiana has extend experience in creating designs, started from preparing specification from scratch, creating of sketches and providing beta-testing of design-solutions with the target audience. It is her goal to make hands-on design, responsible for core areas of my client’s platform.


Mario graduated as a technical engineer in computer systems at the University of Málaga. At the end of his studies he started as an intern at Ebury for 6 months working on application forms and web maintenance while he was improving his knowledge of Python, Django and Javascript. After that, he was hired as a web developer, involved in back-end and front-end. Mario gets on well in both areas, which have given him enough versatility to move through different teams, working with technologies and frameworks of several platforms in the company, such as main back-office application or online services for clients. Since September 2017 Mario is a front-end web developer with Whalar.


Perdy is a data scientist in charge of Whalar’s data platform and machine learning ecosystem. Working mainly with Python using different frameworks such as TensorFlow, Keras, API Star, Django and Celery to build first-class services with machine learning capabilities as well as integration with some third party services, like AWS or Google Cloud.



Giacomo is a front-end developer building Whalar’s UI with React, Redux, CSS and a bunch of other cool stuff. Whenever he is not sitting in front of a screen, Giacomo turns into a rockstar and enjoys playing the drums.



Anna studied electronics and telecommunication at the university of Koszalin in Poland. In the first years of her career she worked in Poland, the Netherlands and Berlin. From 2015 she started working in Spain, first in Barcelona and later in Málaga. Anna works as a quality assessor and tester and helps to ensure high level of software quality by closely collaborating with development teams. Her involvement reaches from requirements definition through development support and confirmation of successful implementation, until delivery to customers and maintenance.


As a passionate and driven professional with experience in a range of IT disciplines Andrew is constantly looking to push the boundaries of his own abilities and those of the technologies he works with. He combines his strong web development skills, experience in both Windows and Linux server technologies and spents his time working with smaller companies covering every aspect of their day to day IT needs. Clients will get a rounded individual capable of taking on most IT challenges, ready to muck in and get the job done!


After studying computer science in Manchester, Daniel has worked in a whole range of tech; from the Microsoft .Net stack, though to PHP web frameworks, and now in the modern world of React and JavaScript SPAs. He extensively worked on large high-traffic longrunning projects, and also small agency sites. From June 2018 he is involved at Whalar as a front-end developer.



Marcos at The Living Room CoworkingMarcos is continuously learning in order to increase his experience in software architecture. His experience includes managing and deploying Python Django web platforms, managed through gunicorn nginx servers, including LAMP platforms and Windows Server 2008 RC2.




John Williams at The Living Room Coworking

John is a developer originally from Leeds in England and has lived in Spain since 2002 in an attempt to escape the London rat race. Since then he has been working as a freelancer for different companies specialising in e-commerce and real estate websites. These days he is head of development for Whalar – an influencer marketing platform – and is responsible for managing the best team of developers in the south of Spain – probably Europe let’s face it 🙂 He lives in Coín with his family and large collection of cats and dogs enjoying the countryside and all the oranges you can eat.


Mario Rivera at The Living RoomMario describes himself as a traveler. He’s spent most of his time exploring and learning new cultures, getting to know people and living in several countries. Mario has spent years in Ireland, Scotland, the Netherlands, France, Mexico and Spain. He took a year working on a cruise ship sailing around the US and the Caribbean. So Mario has become particularly good at absorbing the culture shocks and now lives on a permanent state of multiculturalism.



Barri at The Living Room Coworking

Barri was born and raised in Málaga, he’s an enthusiastic developer, who is usually involved in improving and automatising every process that require more than two manual steps! 😀 Barri is also a musician and loves to jam around with anyone, who likes to improvise some tunes.



Richard at The Living Room Coworking






Miles at The Living Room CoworkingMiles