The short video at the end of this blog post is a simple example of our work, which was made to promote Birdy Estudio. Part of the material was actually obtained during the production of an advertising job for a company based in Granada. As you can see, the images have great visual impact, which would have been unthinkable to be able to capture until very recently.

My name is Gaudi García, and I am the CEO of Birdy Estudio.

Three years ago we began our journey in the world of aerial imagery using drones. I obtained the necessary permits as a pilot of UAVs (Unmanned Aerial Vehicle) and I passed the necessary procedures so that our company was an Air Operator and officially registered with the Spanish Air Safety Agency.

Since then we have been fortunate to work on many different projects, in which we have discovered a way to present the videos and images we capture, with a very attractive and somewhat unusual point of view. These images are able to stimulate your senses with extreme ease and fascination, and all at a cost that was impossible to obtain a few years ago.

Cárcavas en The Living Room

The ability to reach unimaginable places and the quality of the cameras which enhance these high-end devices, together with professional video editing by talented individuals, means this type of product is in high demand.

The audiovisual enhancement of drones can be used in many beneficial ways including:

  • creating corporate advertisements that require a video for social media
  • events to promote and communicate messages effectively
  • obtaining images in high resolution for various different reasons for a customer
  • tourism advertisements with which to show the beauty of a certain area
  • creating material for the real estate market

Cárcavas en The Living Room Coworking


Also, I have to mention other more technical aspects in which this type of technology offers impressive results, and again, at costs which have been unattainable until very recently. Agricultural precision for example, where through graphic material and specific software, you can inform the farmer which area of their farm could have pest issues, and which could have a defect or excess of water. Drones can also help with issues such as the planning of irrigation facilities, explain the causes of good or bad crop production and their use can help explain the results of differences in harvests.

Drones can furthermore assist with surveyor work, where previously surveyors would have to work days to obtain results, and now these results can be obtained within only hours. For example, drones help in evaluating topography and obtaining georeferenced images with a large expansion area, obtaining contour lines, calculating volumes, areas, and measures, with possible investments and monitoring controls, etc.

The use of drones can also help with safety issues, such as infrastructure analysis where it could be dangerous for a technician to enter into a building, or drones can be effectively used in different phases of disaster management. They can help identify areas affected by disasters and they can also aid disaster response.

It is a technology that has come to stay. Only the future will tell us how far you can go with it. If you want more information or you would like a quote about an idea you have in mind, you can contact us through this email: or view our website.


Gaudi, a family member at The Living Room since February 2019, and his company Birdy Designers have specialised in enhancing your image through marketing, brand design, web development, corporate video reports, and photography. Today your image counts, whether as a person or a business, and Birdy Designers can put at your disposal the tools and advice in design and publicity necessary to carry out your investment. Either to cover advertising objectives for your company, advertising in digital media, technical photography or reporting, (video and photography), corporate or real estate report, give Birdy Designers a shout and explain your needs. Having a multidisciplinary technical team of staff allows Birdy Designers to offer the best conditions and deadlines for execution and development with the maximum guarantee of satisfaction.