For almost 15 years, I have been running a web-based tax consultancy practice aimed at the expatriate market in Spain and France, I didn’t have too many complaints about the website because it was doing fantastically in Google, with top rankings for many important search terms. However the website last had a makeover more than 10 years ago and it was obviously way out of date in terms of appearance and also not mobile- or tablet-friendly.

When I joined The Living Room early this year I had just moved to Málaga with my family.  Having worked from home for so many years, my primary motivation to join a Coworking was just to be in contact with other human beings and make friends! Well, thanks to the awesome set-up and ambience engendered by Ben in the office, it certainly has worked out really well for me. There are so many different types and nationalities in the office and we have a great laugh!

To be honest, I was always sceptical about the term synergy as applied to a selling point for Coworking office space. The term did not mean that much to me, probably because my line of business was so different from the usual IT or design-related enterprise that you would expect to find in a Coworking space. I certainly didn’t expect to go into a Coworking with the aim of finding someone who could redesign my website, but that’s what happened. Coincidentally, the wonderful Carlos, graphic and web designer was my “neighbour” at The Living Room, sitting on the desk right next to me. That’s good for me because I am naturally quite a lazy person and not very good at exploring the options available before making a decision.  However in this case it was also the right decision. Being able to sit together face to face with Carlos to discuss where I wanted my business and website to go meant that he understood Spain Accountants pretty well before he even started designing the new site. And the regular meetings that we had when he was working on the site were so important to make sure that the site was going where I wanted it to. Not to mention the fact that he was also sitting right next to me!

Well, as they say, the rest is history. I have been very happy with our new website. It is mobile device-friendly, which has of course led to an increase in traffic. The result has been an increase in new client enquiries and the possibility to expand the business which has allowed me for the first time to taking on a full-time employee: Fangwei Chen. And here’s the fun bit: apart from being our tax compliance assistant, Fangwei is also an IT wizard and is working on some great things to help us move the business forward even more. And guess what, she works together with us in The Living Room and is loving it!

I think I am beginning to understand what synergy means! 😉

Since Paul joined The Living Room back in January 2016, he has become an important part of our coworking family, which he helps bringing even closer together by his open approach towards anybody coming into the office. Paul founded Spain Accountants in 2002. He is a UK qualified Chartered Accountant and a member of the Asociación Profesional de Expertos Contables y Tributarios de España (AECE) and The Institute of Chartered Accountants in England and Wales (ICAEW).