The past few months have been difficult for many people, including us here at TLR! However, after shutting our coworking spaces we still managed to keep connected with our TLR family members online, keeping up our TGIF’s, Feedback Feasts, and many more social events! Luckily, we were able to reopen our TLR Soho coworking space around 2 months ago and now the main priority is to ensure everyone is safe and happy! We want to make this as simple as possible, so we have laid out our main safety measures below. They’re pretty straightforward and many are common sense and what you’ll be doing already. So check them out and we can’t wait to see more of your awesome faces soon!

Disinfect your hands upon entry

When you enter into the TLR Soho coworking space, you’ll see a disinfectant dispenser on the wall facing you (see image below). Give your hands a good dosing of the gel and then you’ll be ready to head on up to the main coworking space! You’ll also probably notice that the coffee corner isn’t where it usually is, don’t panic, we still have the awesome Santa Canela coffee and it’s now upstairs to make it easier for you! Whilst we’re on the topic of the kitchen, we brought back some of the utilities such as mugs, plates, and cutlery so you don’t have to bring your own anymore! Just make sure, as per before, to wash up all of the stuff that you’ve used and pop it back where it belongs.  

Jeltje likes her hands to be COVID-free.

Wear your mask (not on your desk)

Whack on your mask when you come into the coworking space! Then, when you get to your desk, you’re more than welcome to take it off and work away in peace (we all know how restrictive the masks can feel after a while!). Whilst we’re ventilating the space and we’ve left a safe distance between desks, we hope you feel comfortable enough to not wear your mask when sitting at your desk. When you’re moving around the office to grab a coffee, nip to the toilet (yes, the second toilet upstairs is now back in use!) or have a chat with a fellow TLR family member, make sure you put on your mask again, eh voila!

Not even a face mask can do away with Rocío’s beauty!

Roadtrippers, Boomerangs and Friends don’t forget to book your desk

You only have to book your desk if you’re on one of our hotdesk subscriptions like Roadtripper, Boomerang, or Friend! When you book a desk, they’ll be a number associated with the booked desk which makes it nice and easy to look for when you come into the coworking space (see image below). So, book your desk via the Family App (mobile or desktop versions available) and look for your desk number when you come in to work, couldn’t be simpler!

If you’re an All Star, you have your own desk always and forever (well, you know what we mean…), and therefore you don’t need to worry about booking your desk.

Finding the desk you booked couldn’t be easier.

Disinfect your desk before and after using it

Just to be double safe, we think it’s a good idea if you could clean your own desk with disinfectant when you arrive, and then again when you leave. They’ll be some disinfectant by each desk along with some disposable tissues, making it super easy to spray and throw away!

Pepe’s soon finishing his Master’s degree in desk disinfections.

Keep a safe 1,5m distance

Our desks have all been nicely spaced out, at least 1.5m apart to keep everyone at a safe distance. They are now structured to support a maximum of 2 people per island with a separator in between each person (see image below). When you’re walking around the coworking space, it’s still totally fine to go and chat to your fellow TLR family members as normal, just keep 1.5m away from each other!  

Łukasz and Carlos are separated, but still together.

Ventilate, ventilate and ventilate

Sometimes it feels like we don’t know much yet about how the virus exactly behaves. If there’s one thing that is very clear, it’s that a closed environment gives COVID-19 more chances to spread. That’s why we keep our windows open all the time. Thanks to 300 days of sunshine per year in Málaga, that’s possible down here. On the few colder or even rainy days, we ventilate intermittently for 10 minutes every hour.

For anyone who doesn’t fancy reading and prefers watching- check out the video below which explains all of the above with the bonus of being shown around the TLR Soho coworking space by the man in charge, Mr. Ben Kolp (and let’s not forget the camerawomen of course, Ms. Gema Gomez!)

TLR COVID Measures

NOTE: This blog post was updated on Feb 5th, 2021.