In San Diego, some of my coworkers are just getting into the office while in Spain the workday for most people is practically done. This is the moment I choose to sip on a coffee, take a deep breath, and login to my job, with a headquarters almost 6,000 miles away. 

I never could have anticipated the possibility that I would be able to work at a job in the U.S. from a far-flung location, such as The Living Room Coworking (TLR) in Malaga, but it has been a dream come true. I adore travel and my position at a content marketing agency, has allowed me to work wherever I can find WiFi. It’s a gift to be able to take my job with me anywhere and recently I’ve met more and more people, who are able to take advantage of the same opportunity. The majority of the family members at TLR also have their head office thousands of miles away or work freelance and have team members and clients on the other side of the world. 

It’s not only my personal feelings that demonstrate the benefits of working remotely, statistics on working from home show how a majority of workers have found improved work-life balance and a better life through telecommuting.

“In this globalized world the key for success is to work with the best professionals and that has to be without borders, where people from everywhere can join efforts. People must stay happy and part of that happiness implies that they have to work wherever they want. Working remotely has really improved my efficiency, happiness and has optimized my time significantly.”

Ricardo Badia, a very well-integrated member of the TLR family.

The productivity question

The most pressing question people generally ask when I tell them about my work situation is: How do you stay productive when you are away from a centralized office? Isn’t it hard to stay focused?

Actually, remote work has been shown to lead to increased productivity in most cases. A majority of workers say that they are more productive when out of a traditional office and two-thirds of companies verify that this is, in fact, the case.

Personally, I have found that coworking spaces are an ideal way to connect to a professional atmosphere and keep me motivated. Obviously, being in a coffee shop location can be distracting. I want to go and soak up the local culture, but, as I always recognize, I am not on vacation. I just have the privilege of getting to work wherever I want.

With this in mind, a coworking space such as TLR is a great way to stay productive during work hours:

  • Takes me away from distraction: It’s important to stay focused and find a place outside of my home, and the bustle of a new city, to do my work. It gives me positive separation between my career and other parts of my life, but also, a coworking space feels like it is outside of a nation or city. This is a work oasis and when I am there, I am basically transported to another place entirely. The TLR coworking offices allow you to work incredibly hard and stay focused throughout the day, offering different packages to suit your personal needs.

  • Keeps me on a schedule: It means rigid scheduling, and composing myself, rather than working in sweatpants on a couch. The two TLR office locations in Malaga city centre allow you to have a centralized hub to base yourself, encouraging productivity and separating work life from your home life.

  • Gives me personal interaction: When working remotely, it’s possible to begin to feel isolated, working at a coworking space, such as The Living Room, allows social connection to blossom with other people who work remotely.

“Working at TLR coworking has been great for me as there is such an amazing community spirit and I never feel disconnected, which can easily happen when you work remotely … I also bake sweet treats for the TLR family every Monday to get the week off to a good start!”

Fangwei Chen, official TLR baking queen

Coworking in Spain

Spain is, of course, a beautiful country with amazing cultural opportunities. But, it is also a particularly ideal place for remote work for several other reasons:

Infrastructure: The infrastructure in Spain is some of the best in Europe. It means that traveling is easy and that conveniences (like WiFi) are easy to come by. TLR offers the best WiFi connection across both spaces, allowing you to connect with colleagues/clients across the world in seconds! Being so central, there are buses and a metro, which connect all areas of Málaga to our spaces, however, most people walk or cycle too as it’s sunny over 300 days of the year!

A central location: Spain’s timezone makes it a little easier to work with people in the U.S. or in Asia as well as all across Europe. Also, it means it remains lighter later. With the sun not setting until around 9:30 pm during the summer, there’s plenty of time to socialize and do things you want to do after work. There are many social groups you can join being a family member at TLR, for example, the Beach Volleyball Team, where they always welcome new players!

Low cost of living: Living in Spain is significantly more affordable than in many U.S. cities or other places in Europe. This means that your rent is easier to pay and going out for great meals or exquisite cultural experiences is more doable. Luckily, Málaga boasts many great restaurants and seafood ‘chiringuitos’ right on the seafront. The TLR family members know all the local haunts and often arrange trips to go and eat and drink the night away!

In particular, The Living Room is a perfect place for remote work either for short-term visitors or long-term residents. It boasts a great location, flexible membership, and an inclusive work environment.

“The Living Room has changed my life: excellent facilities and fantastic coworkers from around the world. Ever since I left my own work-at-home living room behind for THE Living Room, every day is better than the last. Thanks TLR!”

Brenda Padilla, Cross-Cultural Training.

With my remote work and penchant for travel, I could have settled anywhere, but I mainly chose Spain to be my base of operations for its community of like-minded remote workers.

Sarah is a Content Marketing Manager at Siege Media and Your Best Digs, who works remotely while traveling. She’s passionate about developing high-quality content for diverse industries ranging from startups to Fortune 500 companies. When she’s not creating content, she’s likely hiking a new trail or mapping out the next destination.