The Living Room Rincón

In addition to two coworking locations in Málaga, TLR is now setting up its next coworking space in Rincón de la Victoria. So you can not only live, but also (net)work in this beautiful part of the Costa del Sol.
Málaga is great, but it’s also busy. Many freelancers, entrepreneurs and digital nomads choose to live a bit outside of the crowded city center. The lovely town of Rincón de la Victoria – just 12 km east of Málaga – is attracting more and more international people with its beautiful beachestasty seafood and charming neighbourhoods.

Coworking at The Living Room Rincón means…

… an international family vibe: Just like all other TLR spaces, TLR Rincón will be home to a variety of freelancers, entrepreneurs and digital nomads. You’ll have the chance to connect and collaborate with our big coworking family of more than 100 coworkers from over 20 different nationalities living on the Costa del Sol.

… networking events: Even though you wouldn’t say so at first sight, there are more freelancers, entrepreneurs and digital nomads in Rincón de la Victoria than you think. By providing a space & community we’ll make it easier for you to meet like-minded, inspiring and talented people. Just around the corner!

… a space next to the beach: Life in Rincón de la Victoria is happening alongside its beautiful beach promenade, where we want TLR Rincón to be located too. Can you imagine the view?

That’s TLR Rincón.

Meet the family

Eva Bol with Flag at TLR CoworkingEva originally from the Netherlands, lives in Rincón de la Victoria and works as a freelance communication consultant and writer. Her communication style is open and constructive, she is always looking for new ways to achieve her goals. Eva believes in sharing knowledge and co-creations. To work efficient and flexible she uses the latest (web-based) applications, totally connected to the modern way of working. You can find out more about Eva on her website.

Ben Kolp with flag at TLR CoworkingBen originally from Austria, lives in Rincón de la Victoria and set up The Living Room Coworking in Málaga in 2015. Ben is an intrinsically driven entrepreneur fascinated by the power of networking, both online and – believe it or not – offline. He made it his personal mission to network, connect & synergise wherever he goes. In his various roles as a consultant, a sales man and a coworking owner, he always thrives towards that same goal: A smile on people’s faces caused by win-win-win synergies.

Gema Gomez with flag at TLR CoworkingGema originally from Spain, lives in Rincón de la Victoria and loves to get lost in translation. She’s fascinated by the nuances of words, the power of communication and the way we not only get into people’s minds; but into their hearts – by speaking to them in their mother tongue. Gema translates mainly from English, French, Italian and German into Spanish.

Claire Gillis at TLR CoworkingClaire originally from Northern Ireland, lives in the hills close to Rincon and works as a fibre artist as Zuva Studio. She spent five years as a digital nomad working online as an English Teacher and developed the concept of Zuva Studios whilst travelling in her campervan through Portugal. Now, influenced by the light and colours of Andalucía, she takes the elements of nature, pattern and feeling and puts them together to create tapestries and embroidery works of art and home design.

Marco Martin with flag at The Living Room CoworkingMarco originally from Italy, lives in Rincón de la Victoria and is a full-stack developer and Drupal specialist with more than 10 years of experience in the web applications field. Marco loves Drupal, most of his projects were built on it. He likes to be creative, taking care of all the steps of the project development, with a special focus on reliability and user experience. Marco is an open source enthusiast and an active member of the Drupal community worldwide. He prefers agile and behaviour driven development (BDD), which he applies daily with his customers at his own company SoulWeb Solutions.

Aprile Winterstein with flag at TLR CoworkingAprile originally from Canada, lives in Rincón de la Victoria. She’s been residing in Spain since 1991 and runs her own real estate company Inmobiliaria Reines. For the last 20 years Aprile has made herself a name in both the local and international real estate market leveraging her outstanding networking skills.

John Kramer with flag at TLR CoworkingJohn originally from the UK, lives in Rincón de la Victoria and started his digital marketing career in the online travel industry in 2007. Trilingual, he has extensive experience in multi-language websites and international targeting. Today he runs his own company John Kramer Marketing. His specialties include digital strategy and planning, content marketing, SEO, PPC, social media, email marketing, online PR and travel writing. When not in front of a computer he enjoys nothing more than losing himself in the mountains for a few days.

Paula Melbourne with flag at TLR CoworkingPaula originally from Canada, lives in La Cala Del Moral and has over 20 years of HR experience working in the UK, Canada, Russia and Hong Kong for multi-national corporations. She holds two undergraduate degrees in psychology and sociology and a Master’s degree in human rights. Paula is a talent expert trained in psychometric and behavioural assessment with certifications in SHL, MBTI and Thomas International. Today Paula runs her own company Due South Consulting.

Chris Linney with flag at TLR Coworking

Chris originally from Scotland, lives in Málaga and is an accomplished business leader and European commercial real estate professional with extensive experience spanning asset management and international commercial property and investment funds across Europe. Most recently, Chris has been Executive Director and Head of Asset Management Europe at Triuva (formerly IVG), with responsibility for strategic asset management of a €6bn portfolio across 15 countries comprising 150+ assets of 1.5m sqm. in the office, retail, industrial and hotel sectors and managing a team of 60 people.

Julie Baraize with flag at TLR CoworkingJulie originally from France, lives in Rincón de la Victoria and works as a freelance translator from English and Spanish into French. Thrilled with the challenges of communicating in a globalized world, she is specialized in digital product translation (localization), like apps and websites. In a time of ever-increasing production of content, Julie aims to open markets and transmit messages in a meaningful and efficient way.

Do you want to meet like-minded people in Rincón de la Victoria?

Community first, space second. Even before having a space, we are already bringing together freelancers, entrepreneurs and digital nomads in Rincón de la Victoria and surroundings. If you want to meet like-minded people, drop your contact details and we’ll invite you for our next community event.

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