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The Living Room Rincón

In addition to two coworking locations in Málaga, TLR is now setting up its next coworking space in Rincón de la Victoria. So you can not only live, but also (net)work in this beautiful part of the Costa del Sol.
Málaga is great, but it’s also busy. Many freelancers, entrepreneurs and digital nomads choose to live a bit outside of the crowded city center. The lovely town of Rincón de la Victoria – just 12 km east of Málaga – is attracting more and more international people with its beautiful beachestasty seafood and charming neighbourhoods.

Coworking @ The Living Room Rincón means…

… an international family vibe: Just like all other TLR spaces, TLR Rincón will be home to a variety of freelancers, entrepreneurs and digital nomads. You’ll have the chance to connect and collaborate with our big coworking family of more than 100 coworkers from over 20 different nationalities living on the Costa del Sol.

… networking events: Even if you wouldn’t say it at first sight, there are more freelancers, entrepreneurs and digital nomads in Rincón de la Victoria than you think. By providing a space & community we’ll make it easier for you to meet like-minded, inspiring and talented people. Just around the corner!

… a space next to the beach: Life in Rincón de la Victoria is happening alongside its beautiful beach promenade, where we want TLR Rincón to be located too. Can you imagine the view?

That’s TLR Rincón.

Do you want to meet like-minded people in Rincón de la Victoria?

Community first, space second. Even before having a space, we want to bring together like-minded people in Rincón de la Victoria. Drop your contact details and we’ll invite you for our first community event very soon.

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