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Ready for Workation?

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The Living Room Coworking invites all hard working entrepreneurs and digital nomads to Málaga for some energy-refilling workation. From entrepreneur to entrepreneur, we all need sunshine, creative venues and well connected people around us to grow, don’t we?

Permit yourself the local experience of living in a lovely flat, shared with even lovelier people.

You’ll be right in the city center with shops, bars, restaurants and your office in walking distance.

At The Living Room Coworking you will tap into a community of over 60 entrepreneurs, freelancers, remote workers and digital nomads from over 20 different countries working in all sort of disciplines.

Back home you’ll find the beach just 1km from your flat. Loads of restaurants and bars serve nice fish and seafood.

That’s workation.

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Workation PricingOffice and Flat

Those things are included: WiFi, fully equipped kitchen, general cleaning (but please clean up after yourself), towels and bed linen, hangers, wash​ing machine, TV, iron, fan.

€ 300 (plus VAT = € 363) for 1 week
€ 500 (plus VAT = € 605) for 2 weeks
€ 650 (plus VAT = € 786.5) for 3 weeks
€ 750 (plus VAT = € 907.5) for 4 weeks
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your flat

More about your flat:

Location: Plaza Santa María, which is just a 1 minute walk from Plaza de la Merced and a 20 minutes walk to The Living Room through the beautiful old town of Málaga.

House Rules: respect your flat mates, clean up after yourself, no pets, no indoor smoking

Conditions: flexible check-in / -out, strict cancelation with 50% refund if notified 7 days in advance.

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Coworker Málaga Sharing

More about your office:

At The Living Room we are an international crowd of easy-going freelancers, innovative start-ups and modern remote workers, who share, thrive and laugh together as one big coworking family in Málaga.

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Our partners

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Why not adding a Spanish course to make the most out of your Workation?

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I’m ready for workation!

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    I have read and I accept TLR's Can You Get Tramadol Online.
    I have read and I accept TLR's Tramadol Online Cod Fedex.

    Our workationers say …


    The perfect workation

    “I had a fantastic time staying in Málaga for a week. It offered everything I needed; a lovely room in a bright villa, space to prepare food and cook and a desk at The Living Room Coworking to get my work done. Great environment for both work and socialising, the perfect workation.”

    Matt, PBS Creative Ltd


    Not only concentrated work-time

    “The Living Room was the perfect getaway for me to do a week’s worth of intensive work in Málaga. Ben and the other coworkers made me feel at home right away. Though I needed concentrated work-time, it was still nice to have people that invited me to city walks, after-work beers and a Christmas party. I’ll be back!”

    Lars, Way of Life App

    Loved joining the TLR family

    “I felt like being part of the community from the get-go. No awkward moments, just super kind people interested in who you are and what you do ready to help. TLR is the coworking space I’ll be coming back to anytime I’m in Málaga again. It has a very chilled vibe and work gets done pretty easily. Simply, I loved joining the TLR family!”

    Martina, Digital Marketing Specialist

    Simply top-notch

    “I have been workation-ing for two months at The Living Room, and it was a fabulous experience! TLR made my experience so smooth that I simply had to check in and enjoy eight weeks that were energy-refilling and very productive at the same time. Accommodation and offices are simply top-notch. Definitely recommended.”

    Pietro, Toptal

    Experience truly extraordinary

    “The Living Room made my 1-month experience in Málaga truly extraordinary. TLR is more than a coworking space, but truly an instant family. Ben helped with housing logistics to make the transition super easy while delivering an immersive community. The people, the WhatsApp groups for all sort of activities, and fun events really made me feel welcome and part of the charming Málaga life.”

    Anabel, SNAP Business Intelligence

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    Contact Us

    Calle Martínez Campos 16, Entreplanta, 29001 Málaga, Spain
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