The Living Room

The Living Room is Málaga’s international coworking space. We hope there is enough inspiring content on our website, so let’s directly jump over to present our team:

Gema Gomez at The Living Room CoworkingUnlike others, Gema loves getting lost in translation. She’s fascinated by the nuances of words, the power of communication and the way we not only get into people’s minds; but into their hearts – by speaking to them in their mother tongue. When Gema doesn’t translate, she is our community manager at TLR Alameda.



Carlos Santaella at The Living Room Coworking

Carlos is a graphic designer, specialised in motion graphics and illustration; he also studied photography and web design. Deeply passionate about anything having to do with the word “design”, he loves challenges and tragic stories. Always up for learning new things and also for a good laugh, he would have loved to be a tattooist, although at the bottom of his heart he is a boxer. Johnny Cash is God and his words are the law. When not praying to Johnny The Almighty, Carlos manages TLR Soho.


Ben at The Living Room Coworking

Ben is an intrinsically driven entrepreneur fascinated by the power of networking, both online and – believe it or not – offline. He made it his personal mission to network, connect & synergise wherever he goes. By simply listening Ben learns from others about what they are good at and what they could use help with. This puts Ben in the unique position to connect people and craft synergising relationships. In his various roles as a consultant, a sales man and a coworking owner, he always thrives towards that same goal: A smile on people’s faces caused by win-win-win synergies.