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Coworking is simply a shared office, isn’t it?

Well, not quite.


If coworking was just some desks and chairs cramped into a building, you could go on working from home whilst keeping your monthly cost down, whilst going nuts.

Actually, furniture is the least important thing. People are all that countsSharing, thriving and laughing together – that counts.

Imagine a place to share, a place to learn from people speaking multiple languages, people working in different fields like programming, graphic design, translation, accounting, beauty, electric cars, marketing, arts … you name it.

Imagine a place to thrive, a place where others motivate you and keep you going on your way from an idea to a sustainable business.

Imagine a place to laugh, over dinners and beers on Fridays, laugh when being out in nature on weekends whilst creating strong bonds, whilst winning new friends.

Sharing, thriving and laughing together.

That’s coworking.

Miguel Coxon Fernandez giving a talk about being autistic

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Even in this day and age, many people still harbour misconceptions about what is means to be autistic. This is why our dear TLR Family member Miguel gave a talk about the subject at our most recent TGIF.

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Coworker Málaga Sharing

The Family

We are an international crowd of easy-going freelancers, innovative entrepreneurs and digital nomads, who share, thrive and laugh together as one big coworking family in Málaga.

Coworking is …

sharing: We are open people and here to help each other. We don’t google for knowledge, we tap into our skill-charged coworking community.

thriving: By not sitting alone on a desk at home, we learn from each other and grow, both as people and businesses.

…. laughing: Social interactions keep us motivated. Although we all love what we do, doing it laughing makes it even more enjoyable.

Shared Office Lamp Shadow

over 13 languages

Over 30 Nationalities

American, Argentinian, Austrian, Belgium, Brazilian, British, Canadian, Danish, Dutch, German, Italian, Norwegian, Polish, Scottish, Spanish, Swedish, Taiwanese, Venezuelan and many more.

multiple disciplines

Multiple Disciplines

Graphic design, Corporate negotiation, Software development, Front-end development, UI / UX design, Web development, Big data …

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24/7 Access

Our spacious desks, voice and video conferencing areas, and a fast internet connection are available 24/7 (after a short trial period) in a professional, but not too corporate coworking environment. Our alarm system brings the needed security to the space and your equipment.

coffee corner

Kitchen & Coffee Corner

People tend to bring in food, home-made or take-away, and enjoy it together whilst having a good laugh. Special Columbian coffee is provided from our friends at Santa Canela.

lounge area

Lounge & Rooftop

Chat with others on relaxing sofas, read a book from a bean bag, play a match of ping pong, park your bike or work in the sun. In other words, just feel like home, like in your living room or on your terrace.



Parties & Trips

Thanks God It’s Friday, birthdays, Halloween, San Juan, Feria, Christmas, weekends … whatever the occasion is, we always find an excuse to party or take a hike around Andalucía’s beautiful flora.

Sofa The Family

Our Space

Since 2015 The Living Room forms part of Málaga’s artistic neighbourhood, also known as Soho. On and from your way to the coworking space you are surrounded by impressive graffiti art works and small local businesses of all kind.

Ready to cowork?


Rooftop TLR Malaga

Our Rooftop

Work outside with views of Málaga as your videoconferencing background, enjoy your lunch or have a beer during our outdoor events. On our TLR rooftop you can catch some fresh air whilst still being productive thanks to a strong WiFi signal.


The Living Room Alameda

In 2018 The Living Room opened its doors right on Málaga’s Alameda Principal; more central impossible. In front of the delicious Atarazanas food market and connected to all means of public transportation, you find a light-flooded coworking space to boost your productivity.

Ready for TLR ALAMEDA?


The coworking family says …

Jasper at The Living Room

Beneficial synergies

“The Living Room Coworking provides a fantastic environment with a perfect balance between work and play. It creates beneficial synergies for everybody by sharing knowledge amongst all coworkers. For anybody looking for a productive coworking environment in Málaga The Living Room Coworking is a highly recommended place for international entrepreneurs, autonomous professionals and freelancers.”

Jasper, Servifarmacomp

Marco at The Living Room Coworking

A big coworking family

“The Living Room is simply a big coworking family with people from all around the world located in Málaga, where you can feel like at home and be really productive. The coworking community is just amazing, they are really warm and friendly, you’ll find any kind of skill and everybody are always open to help and collaborate.”

Marco, Soulweb Solutions

I’ve become more productive

“Working from home, no fixed hours, no commute – the perfect combination for productivity, right? Think again! After I joined The Living Room Coworking in Malaga I’ve become more productive and get more stuff done by getting out of the apartment. And as a bonus I’ve met great colleagues who now fill out my weekends too.”

Thomas, October Software

Love the community and the place!

“Right in the city centre The Living Room is a unique place in Malaga to work, share, have fun and meet other entrepreneurs and freelancers in an international environment. We share work and projects with other coworkers. The sense of community is one of the core values of this place. I just love it!”

Juan, Randbee

A magical combination

“The Living Room in Málaga is a magical combination of work, friends and colleagues. After working from home joining a coworking really made a difference. It is inspiring to work with people from different cultures and professions, all very committed to their future and to making “win-win” collaborations. “Sharing, thriving and laughing together” they say, and it’s definitely right.”

Mari Carmen, Estrategias Para Artistas

No need to feel lonely

“The Living Room coworking space in Málaga is a fantastic place where everyone is so friendly and welcoming! It can be a lonely experience working from home everyday, that’s why having a coworking space where everyone shares common goals and is focused on building community based on friendship as well professionalism, is such a beneficial and positive experience.”

Ellie, Virtalent


Friends from all the corners of the world

“The Living Room is a fantastic coworking in the middle of Malaga, easy accessible and surrounded with everything you need of cafes and shops. It has a great working environment, and you’ll find friends from all the corners of the world. Having recently moved to Malaga, it has made a huge difference for me.”

Mette, Subtitler

Can’t wait to get back

“The Living Room really is the best coworking space I’ve ever been to!!! My boyfriend and I have been to others in Madrid, New York and in Michigan and none of them are as modern and fun as The Living Room. Can’t wait to get back and stay in Málaga with the TLR family for a full yearrrrr ????”

Catalina, Freelance Website Optimizer

You don’t want to go home

“The Living Room provides an excellent working and socializing experience in Málaga. An awesome coworking environment to work and make friends at the same time. The Living Room is not just an office space, it is more like a big coworking family. It’s the kind of workplace, where you really don’t want to go home!”

Paul, Spain Accountants

I breathed international air

“When joining The Living Room in Málaga I breathed international air: People from every part of the world. Getting to know different nationalities makes you realise – no matter the language – we aren’t so different from each other. This coworking has opened my mind. I enjoy waking up every morning to go to work. We really have fun together.”

Gloria, Randbee

International LOHAS working space

“The Living Room in Málaga is a place for working together and having fun together. It is an amazing place where people come from different corners sharing whole-heartedly their experience from around the world. Here I enjoy the LOHAS working style and also enjoy being part of the big international family. This is really an aspirant working space.”

Fang wei, Spain Accountants

A multi-culti cocktail

“Take some North American ice cubes, a thimble-full of a prime European liqueur, squeeze in a few drops of South American citrus, spice it up with some Asian herbs, top it up with a fresh African fruit juice and there you have it! A multi-culti cocktail that boosts up your energy, improves your productivity and tastes best at The Living Room coworking space in Málaga.”

Lukasz, Veneo

You just have to go TLR, you’ll thank me later.

“The Living Room is one of the best coworking spaces I’ve been to, if not the best. And I’ve been to many. A great coworking space has great people and TLR in Málaga definitely fits the bill. So in short: Great community, check! Great location, check! Great wifi, check! Great amenities, check! You just have to go TLR, you’ll thank me later.”

Danny, Power Level Studios

Málaga is home now

“It’s been a year now that I’ve moved to Málaga. After having visited the city various times, TLR was one of the main reasons for me to choose Málaga as my new home. Respect to Ben and the team for the great work they are doing in building such an inspiring community. Way to go, guys!”

Behsaad, Gerlent

Sofa The Family

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