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22 SepTwo years, no regrets: Why Málaga is the best city I’ve ever lived in

Five years ago, up-and-coming Irish journalist Kelly O’Brien quit her job to embark on an epic adventure – backpacking through almost the entirety of Europe and the Americas, as well as parts of Africa, Asia, and the Middle East. Though she made her way through 76 countries, there was only one city Kelly ever considered growing roots – Málaga.

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07 SepSide Hustles – The New Job Security?

Following the pandemic, remote working and digital nomadism has never been more accepted. As such, it’s now easier than ever to supplement your regular income with one, two, or even three side hustles. Valued TLR member Paula Melbourne, aka The Maple Leaf Coach, decided the time was right to put together an introduction to this potentially lucrative practice.

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Wesley Hermans giving a talk titled 'What I Learned From You'

09 AugWhat I Learned From You: The Story of a TLR Intern

Now that a few weeks have passed, we can finally look back on our dear intern Wesley’s final days with us with dry eyes. Wesley finished up his internship in true style, hosting a rooftop TGIF talk detailing some key lessons he learned while working at TLR.

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Javier Leon talking about The Mirror Duality on the TLR rooftop

04 JulThe Mirror Duality

It’s not easy to wrap your head around the theories of quantum physicists, yet that’s exactly what TLR member Javi helped us achieve during a talk he gave on the rooftop of our beloved coworking space recently. The mind-blowing event took place as part of the TGIF series of monthly talks.

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Lauren Coppin on the rooftop of TLR giving a talk about her tales from the South African bush

01 JunBorn to be Wild – South African Bush Stories

Growing up so close to the wilds of the South African bush is a truly unique experience, which is why our member, Johannesburg native Lauren Coppin, decided to make it the focus of her recent TGIF talk. Presenting on the sunny TLR rooftop recently, Lauren regaled the crowd with tales of the bush.

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13 AprDemystifying Solar Energy

Solar energy has been a hot topic of conversation for many years now. Despite this, there are still many myths surrounding the industry. These common misconceptions are what prompted Andrés González to give his fellow TLR members an informative talk about solar energy recently, as part of our monthly TGIF event.

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Working Remotely from a hotel room in Melilla, Africa

21 MarUnderstanding the differences between working from home and working remotely

They may have a very similar wording, but the phrases ‘working remotely’ and ‘working from home’ are not mutually exclusive, writes TLR member Kelly O’Brien. Here, she takes us through her own experience of remote working across the globe, and explains why she will never return to a traditional 9 to 5 office-based job.

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Paula Melbourne The Maple Leaf Career Path Coach

22 FebCareer Change? Find Your Superpower

As part of TLR’s monthly TGIF series of rooftop talks, valued member Paula Melbourne took the mic to help others find their career path superpowers.

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13 JanWhat growing up on an island taught me

As part of TLR’s monthly TGIF series of rooftop talks, valued member Nina Jensen took the mic to share her experience of growing up on an island off the coast of Denmark.

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Thibault Lefèvre pictured during his TGIF talk

10 NovA Frustrated Man: My personal healing journey

As part of TLR’s monthly TGIF series of rooftop talks, valued member Thibault Lefèvre took the mic to share a very personal story of injury, depression, and overcoming the many obstacles life throws at us. 

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01 OctMy Quest for Meaning

He may be relatively new to TLR, but LA native Eric McQuesten has a lot to say. Recently, Eric took to…

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Digital Nomad in Málaga

03 SepHow Málaga supports digital nomads

Are you a digital nomad and looking for your next destination? As you might have heard, Málaga in Southern Spain is…

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Coworker Jan in the mountains

02 AugNo more winter ever again!

“Today is the very first day of the rest of my life. This is the beginning of a new day. I…

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01 JulLessons learned from a traveler

Aren’t we all dreaming at some point of leaving everything behind and traveling the world? I’m sure we all play with…

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TGIF Marco Freedom Nov 2020 at TLR Coworking

05 MayDump the scales, use the mirror

DISCLAIMER: Before you follow any diet or change your sports routine drastically, consult with your healthcare professional. I’m purely speaking based…

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Dry river bed placemaking in Malaga by USI

30 MarWhy dry river beds are valuable assets: A placemaking story

When I first came to Málaga it struck me: The dry bed of the Guadalmedina river is a real opportunity for…

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TLR Family member having a good time on the TLR Rooftop

25 FebThis is TLR Rooftop

I still remember that one lunch in our cozy kitchen at TLR Coworking back in 2018. It was spring time in…

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Coworker working standing

21 JanMy experience after 5 years standing whilst working

DISCLAIMER: First things first. I’m neither a health practitioner nor medical expert. The following content is purely based on my own…

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17 DecFrom watch manufacturer to online entrepreneur

The next idea, the next project. Not afraid of changes, always seeking out new challenges. My name is Alexander Burhans and…

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TLR Christmas Party 2019

27 NovSpeak and Inspire: How to captivate an audience of 1 or 1000!

For the last year, I’ve been a member at The Living Room Coworking. I love to inspire and connect with people,…

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26 OctThe Perfect Wave: From Kite Surfing to Web Development

I have been a member of TLR coworking for 6 months and I thought it was about time I shared my…

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07 OctTLR COVID Safety Measures: Our New Normal

The past few months have been difficult for many people, including us here at TLR! However, after shutting our coworking spaces…

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28 AugCollaborations, synergies, and successes: A TLR Agency story

At TLR, we pride ourselves on forming synergies and creating collaborations with fellow coworking family members. It has been something that…

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15 JulA 360° Virtual Tour of Malaga

I was born and bred here in Malaga and after I turned 21years old, I lived in many different countries all…

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ECHN Maker Mobility Exchange co-funded by the European Union

12 JunHow is the COVID-19 crisis affecting your work and life?

I think it’s safe to say, we’ve all been affected by the current COVID-19 crisis and many of us are still…

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08 MayVisual Thinking with the TLR family

*This was our very first virtual TGIF in light of the current COVID-19 lockdown. It’s a testament to our TLR family…

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TLR Inspiration Session

28 AprThe “Inspiration Session” by 4 Amazing TLR Women

Four amazing TLR family members led the online “Inspiration Session” and gave us their best professional (+ personal) advice!

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31 MarHow to 10x your productivity with quality questions

My name is Maarten, aka “The productivity dude”. I’m a member of the TLR family and I got this nickname for…

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stay-at-home activities

31 MarOur Favorite Stay-at-Home Activities

Together with the coworking family we compiled this list of favorite stay-at-home activities, for making the most out of our time in quarantine.

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03 Mar5 Hacks to transform your company into an Exponential Organisation (ExO)

“Any company designed for success in the 20th century will fail”, this is what I read in former Head of Innovation…

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Skiing in Sierra Nevada

07 FebSkiing in Sierra Nevada with the Coworking Family

Skiing in Sierra Nevada is an amazing experience! Here’s how to prepare, what it’s going to cost you, and what our coworkers would do next time they go.

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28 JanThe Last Bite: A Food Waste Story ????

We all like food, that’s a given. We all have an interaction with food every day, that’s a fact. However, we…

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14 JanPost-Holiday Productivity Tips

Post-holiday productivity made easier with a collection of tips from our members and psychological research.

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21 DecCryptocurrencies- An experiment that will lead to a revolution!???

As a former member of the TLR family, my aim for the TGIF and for this blog post is to give…

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19 DecCelebrating Christmas and New Year’s in Malaga

Christmas and New Year´s in Malaga, Europe´s warmest city, can be great fun! Here´s how to celebrate, eat, and dance like a local.

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07 DecThe rise of in Málaga!

The moto; “don’t waste your time”, the aim; education, innovation and infotainment (media that provides a combination of information and entertainment)….

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Thank God It's Friday at The Living Room Coworking

07 NovStone Soup meets TLR – An inspiring exchange between coworking spaces

For the last 4 years The Living Room has formed part of the European Creative Hubs Network (ECHN), a great association…

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20 OctThe 5-step leadership plan to success! ???

I wanted to follow on from the previous Thank God it’s Friday at TLR where I presented about my experience in…

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18 SepWhat is so great about working from Spain?

In San Diego, some of my coworkers are just getting into the office while in Spain the workday for most people…

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20 AugFrom Losing It All to Mastering the Stock Market-How to Invest Money Wisely!

*Disclaimer- Investing always carries risk, any money you put in could fall in value. Put bluntly, you could lose it all….

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09 Aug5 Things to Look for in a Good Coworking Space ???️?

Coworking spaces such as The Living Room have taken off as a revolutionary new way to get work done and build…

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25 JulMy adventure of a lifetime in Málaga! ???️?☀️

I am once again faced with a dilemma, the destination of our next summer holidays! Sea or mountain, camping or hotel,…

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28 JunThe rise of Artificial Intelligence: Will The Terminator take over the world?

(written by Lizzie Cope, revised by Stefan Hesse) After being a family member at TLR in Malaga for roughly 6 months,…

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25 MayWhat is Cultural Competence and how it can help you?!

A while back I did a TGIF (Thank God It’s Friday) for my fellow coworkers at TLR, it ended up being…

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25 AprPossibilities with drone tech you’ve never thought of ?️⛰️???️

The short video at the end of this blog post is a simple example of our work, which was made to…

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13 MarTurn your mobile phone into a productivity device in 7 simple steps ?✔️??

I’ll admit, I’m a little bit of a productivity freak. So when I started to realise that the worst distraction I…

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11 FebA Year in Google Search

In 2018 we saw significant changes in search results in four main areas: Localised search User intent Freshness Site usability Google…

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26 JanPracticups: The eco-friendly and cost effective answer to periods! ❤️???

The story of Practicups menstrual cups all started in 2016. This was when Mariví started thinking about better ways to manage her period….

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14 DecSynergies | Skindex protects your skin and the environment ?☀️???

Coworking spaces have many benefits compared to working at home, in my experience, they are a way of fostering friendships and…

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11 NovBuilding Coworking Spaces for Introverts ?‍???

This article was originally published by our friends at Habu Sure, the world is filled with the larger-than-life humans who have a…

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21 OctA scuba divers’ impact and sustainable alternatives ?????

We are all responsible for the environment in which we live, however in recent years this responsibility has been ignored and…

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18 SepA TLR day trip to the Reservatauro Bull Farm and Ronda! ?????

The TLR February day trip was definitely one to be remembered! First stop on the itinerary was the Reservatauro Ronda, which is a…

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16 AugHomeExchange, a fantastic way to travel, meet people and feel like a local! ?✈️ ?

Have you seen The Holiday? That movie where Cameron Díaz and Kate Winslet exchange their houses in England and Los Ángeles…

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02 JulFuckup Night Malaga: How a 3 million euro investment led to a business fuckup! ????

The second blog post from the Fuckup Night Málaga has arrived! Julia, who organizes the Fuckup Nights in Málaga is one…

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23 JunFuckup Night Málaga: 3 crucial lessons to avoid a business Fuckup! ???

Thursday the 15th of June TLR Alameda (already our second coworking space) right in the centre of Málaga was lucky enough to…

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24 Apr9 ways to reduce food waste and help save the world! ??? ❤

So, the last TGIF ‘How is Silicon Valley and a Strawberry connected by the cold chain?’. Well, all was revealed…

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19 Feb[AUDIO] 6 life hacks to gain kilos ? or money ?

Our previous blog post gave you an insight into the amazing TGIF event on the 19th of January, which consisted of…

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07 Feb10 secrets on how to carve Jamón like a professional

All of us say it at least once a month (or if were being honest, maybe 4 times a month): Thank God…

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Soul Reaper Featured Image

19 DecTried and True: 7 tips on staying motivated and productive

I’ve been working on Soul Reaper, a completely home-made video game, on and off for more than 2 years. It’s a…

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18 OctWhy for me coworking is paramount to productivity

In past years, many people have asked me the very same obvious question: “So, do you prefer Germany or Spain?!” My…

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Coworking in China

30 SepWhat is office etiquette like in China?

In recent blog posts by The Living Room I read about alternative ways of traveling by Mari Carmen Ampiée Vigil or…

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24 AugCoworking Space vs. Regus Office

We came to Spain to find out if this is the country where we want to settle down. As we are not…

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Mari Carmen Travelling The Living Room International Coworking Málaga

25 JulUp for a new and cheap way of travelling?

Have you ever imagined the story of the people you cross in the street? Have you stopped for a minute to…

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TLR Family St Patricks Day

29 JunFrom Heaven came dust, from dust came Tara.

From Heaven came dust. From dust and breath came man. And no matter what we believe about creation, we are together…

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Catalina China The Living Room Coworking

22 MayFrom Málaga to China and back

Five years ago, my parents gave me an ultimatum “O estudias, o trabajas!”. I wasn’t ready to spend four years studying…

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Icon SmartNinja Coding School at The Living Room Coworking Málaga

25 AprInterview about SmartNinja Coding School with Miha Fabjan

In February 2017 we were lucky enough to get a visit from Miha Fabjan, CEO and co-founder at SmartNinja coding school….

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21 MarMaking “Conduct THIS!”

My name is Ulrik, and I work for a small indie studio in Copenhagen called Northplay. Though I’m from Denmark, I’ve…

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The Living Room Family Enjoys a lovely picnic

17 FebEl Chorro: A family hike up the Arabic Staircase

A hike up the Arabic staircase is a classic route and the most popular walk in the Desfiladero de Los Gaitanes…

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Coworking Space Málaga Yes We Tech

06 JanPositive Discrimination

About a month ago, on December 1st, we hosted the last meetup of the year 2016 in the international coworking space…

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Coworker Paul

07 DecSyner … what?

For almost 15 years, I have been running a web-based tax consultancy practice aimed at the expatriate market in Spain and…

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Business Center Málaga Joachim

30 NovSerotonin, dopamine, oxytocin & coworking

Curious as always, I read more about the coworking space “The Living Room” whilst being on a quest for new things…

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Shared Office Málaga Juan

27 NovThe birth of an awesome coworking community in Malaga

September 2013 3 Danes and 1 Frenchy moved to a house that they shared in El Palo to work remotely…

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