Veneo at The Living Room Coworking

Veneo is a Polish family business specialising in the manufacturing of the highest quality PVC windows, doors and shutters to industry professionals. Veneo’s products also include wood and aluminum carpentry.¬†Although the company headquarters are in Poland, since 2013 they have expanded to Southern Spain and now have sites in M√°laga, Granada, C√≥rdoba and Almer√≠a to name a few. Veneo’s products are compatible with both traditional and energy efficient buildings and work in partnership with Drutex – the leading company in the manufacturing of PVC windows throughout the globe.

Here are the Veneo talents working at The Living Room Coworking:

Lukasz at The Living Room CoworkingOnce an engineer with a managerial drive, today an entrepreneur with a dream. Being on the go for a number of years taught ŇĀukasz to appreciate the little things in life on a large scale. He nourishes from the friendly folks around him and reflects back all the good vibes that come in his way. In his professional endeavours ŇĀukasz is a catalyst, the one who sets up an innovative path and walks through it – now all he needs to do, is to prove he took the right paths.