Coworking spaces such as The Living Room have taken off as a revolutionary new way to get work done and build professional communities. Think your work could benefit from a coworking space but not sure where to begin? Here are some of the best things to look out for.

A great location

Whether it’s meetings with clients, coffee catch-ups with friends, or the daily commute, where you work affects how you live your life. When looking for a coworking space, consider how its location fits in with your other priorities. Being in the centre of the action is ideal. This provides convenient access to public transit, top-notch restaurants and cafes, and the rest of the city’s business sector.

The Living Room Coworking runs two spaces at the moment, both in the heart of downtown Málaga.

Flexible membership

A strength of coworking is that it gives you flexibility about when and how you work. The pricing at a coworking space should reflect that strength. The coworking space you choose should offer pricing options which let you work when you need to. Whether dropping in for a few hours as a one-off, a few days now and then, or every day, look for a pricing model which lets you optimise access around your needs. From hourly rates to a full time desk; at the Living Room Coworking you’ll find various pricing options to fit your needs and give you the flexibility modern times require.

Image Source: The Living Room Coworking in Málaga, image by James Monjack

An inclusive coworking community

Coworking is so much more than just a place to work. When it’s done right, a coworking space is a community where individuals support each other while getting their work done. Just because you have your own work to do doesn’t mean you can’t take the time to get to know your neighbour or get the crew together at the end of the day! Try to get a feel for the community at a particular coworking space. What activities does it offer to foster those personal connections?

Look out for coworking spaces where professionals from many different industries gather. That’s a great sign that the community is going to be welcoming and diverse. Even better, the sharing of such a range of skills and experiences is sure to spark inspiration.

This is where The Living Room Coworking truly excels. With over 100 members in 2 location in downtown Málaga TLR brings together professionals from a myriad of different fields and a background from more than 20 different nationalities. Outdoor events, Thank God It’s Fridays, Mastermind Breakfasts, Feedback Feasts, International Family Dinners, Beach Volleyball and more are just some examples of frequent community events that build a strong and united coworking family.

Image Source: The Living Room Coworking in Málaga, image by Ben Kolp

Top-notch amenities

Setting up in a coworking space doesn’t have to mean giving up the luxuries of a conventional office. Far from it, in fact! You can enjoy the same level of professional and personal comforts as any other workplace.

See what facilities and working zones the coworking space has available to make your work easier. Access to meeting rooms, phone booths, printers, and free coffee to keep you moving could be a must for how you operate. Options for unwinding and having fun are just as important. Look for spaces which provide leisure activities such as shared lounges, games, and end of week beers.

Finally, membership of some coworking spaces can even give you access to discounts to a variety of local businesses. These could give you money off of everything from restaurants to gym memberships. This lets you get into the local community spirit even more! You’ll find all the above and more like a punching bag or a pull-up bar at The Living Room Coworking. The best way to experience those amenities and the spirit of the community is to sign up for a free trial day.

Image Source: The Living Room Coworking in Málaga, image by James Monjack

24/7 access

Everyone works differently. Some people are early birds who want to be up with the sun and on the grind when most are still sleeping. Night owls prefer to start late and work into the wee hours of the morning.

You know what’s best for you! When using a coworking space, you should be able to take control of not just where you work, but when. Round the clock access is a good indicator that a coworking space caters to these individual requirements.

At The Living Room Coworking we care about both: flexible work hours and security at the same time. Therefore, after 1 month of membership and getting each other to know, we give 24/7 access to our All Star and Roadtripper members.

Whatever area you work in, coworking is a great option if you need a professional, fully-equipped place to do your work. Even better, they are a place to exchange ideas and make new friends. Taking the time to consider what you want out of a good coworking space is sure to make your coworking experience a great one!

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