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Miguel Coxon Fernandez giving a talk about being autistic
I’m Autistic – You’re Just Weird!
21st October 2022

Even in this day and age, many people still harbour misconceptions about what is means to be autistic. This is why our dear TLR Family member Miguel gave a talk about the subject at our most recent TGIF.

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Two years, no regrets: Why Málaga is the best city I’ve ever lived in
22nd September 2022

Five years ago, up-and-coming Irish journalist Kelly O’Brien quit her job to embark on an epic adventure – backpacking through almost the entirety of Europe and the Americas, as well as parts of Africa, Asia, and the Middle East. Though she made her way through 76 countries, there was only one city Kelly ever considered growing roots – Málaga.

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Working Remotely from a hotel room in Melilla, Africa
Understanding the differences between working from home and working remotely
21st March 2022

They may have a very similar wording, but the phrases ‘working remotely’ and ‘working from home’ are not mutually exclusive, writes TLR member Kelly O’Brien. Here, she takes us through her own experience of remote working across the globe, and explains why she will never return to a traditional 9 to 5 office-based job.

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Mari Carmen Travelling The Living Room International Coworking Málaga
Up for a new and cheap way of travelling?
25th July 2017

Have you ever imagined the story of the people you cross in the street? Have you stopped for a minute to…

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