Have you ever imagined the story of the people you cross in the street? Have you stopped for a minute to understand the happy or unfriendly face of the person, who you just spoke to?

Many times we are walking on auto-pilot with our brain in our things and when suddenly something distracts us from our thoughts, we define that situation depending on our mood and our mental map. But what if somebody showed us, that something absolutely logic for us is not as logic as we thought? What if we are looking around with an incomplete map?

Don’t worry, we all do and maybe that’s the fun of personal relations. That is what makes us grow when we mix up with other people of different cultures and different life styles as we do here at The Living Room. The important thing is to remember that we all have a different map and no matter how crazy one appears to us, it could be understandable in a way, if we get deep into the story behind.

For those who love travelling, it is not always necessary to get a plane or a bus to a new world, sometimes it is just enough to jump onto and understand somebody else’s map.

If you think of this, maybe next time you pass by someone speaking to you in a “funny” way, look around and ask yourself, what face am I showing today? Try to understand the other person’s map, which is for sure a good way of turning a bad situation upside down!

Keep travelling and learning from the new maps you pass by!

I want to leave you with a short movie that might invite you to adjust a little bit your own map. Are you up for the challenge?

Coworker Mari Carmen The Living Room Málaga

Mari Carmen Ampiée Vigil, starring in the above short movie as Isabel, worked for 20 years as a Senior Private Banker and Senior Personal Banking Adviser, until something totally unexpected encouraged her to change the course of her career. Mari Carmen now does her bit for art combining her great passion with the advice and transmission of those tools and knowledge acquired during her banking and business career to creatives and artists of all disciplines. So that they can live from their art in a profitable way more and more, and we can properly understand and value all the hard work that lies behind artistic careers. Since starting her new entrepreneurial journey Mari Carmen is an important member of The Living Room and our one and only in-house actress.