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Miguel Coxon Fernandez giving a talk about being autistic
I’m Autistic – You’re Just Weird!
21st October 2022

Even in this day and age, many people still harbour misconceptions about what is means to be autistic. This is why our dear TLR Family member Miguel gave a talk about the subject at our most recent TGIF.

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Two years, no regrets: Why Málaga is the best city I’ve ever lived in
22nd September 2022

Five years ago, up-and-coming Irish journalist Kelly O’Brien quit her job to embark on an epic adventure – backpacking through almost the entirety of Europe and the Americas, as well as parts of Africa, Asia, and the Middle East. Though she made her way through 76 countries, there was only one city Kelly ever considered growing roots – Málaga.

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Side Hustles – The New Job Security?
7th September 2022

Following the pandemic, remote working and digital nomadism has never been more accepted. As such, it’s now easier than ever to supplement your regular income with one, two, or even three side hustles. Valued TLR member Paula Melbourne, aka The Maple Leaf Coach, decided the time was right to put together an introduction to this potentially lucrative practice.

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Wesley Hermans giving a talk titled 'What I Learned From You'
What I Learned From You: The Story of a TLR Intern
9th August 2022

Now that a few weeks have passed, we can finally look back on our dear intern Wesley’s final days with us with dry eyes. Wesley finished up his internship in true style, hosting a rooftop TGIF talk detailing some key lessons he learned while working at TLR.

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Javier Leon talking about The Mirror Duality on the TLR rooftop
The Mirror Duality
4th July 2022

It’s not easy to wrap your head around the theories of quantum physicists, yet that’s exactly what TLR member Javi helped us achieve during a talk he gave on the rooftop of our beloved coworking space recently. The mind-blowing event took place as part of the TGIF series of monthly talks.

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Lauren Coppin on the rooftop of TLR giving a talk about her tales from the South African bush
Born to be Wild – South African Bush Stories
1st June 2022

Growing up so close to the wilds of the South African bush is a truly unique experience, which is why our member, Johannesburg native Lauren Coppin, decided to make it the focus of her recent TGIF talk. Presenting on the sunny TLR rooftop recently, Lauren regaled the crowd with tales of the bush.

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Demystifying Solar Energy
13th April 2022

Solar energy has been a hot topic of conversation for many years now. Despite this, there are still many myths surrounding the industry. These common misconceptions are what prompted Andrés González to give his fellow TLR members an informative talk about solar energy recently, as part of our monthly TGIF event.

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Working Remotely from a hotel room in Melilla, Africa
Understanding the differences between working from home and working remotely
21st March 2022

They may have a very similar wording, but the phrases ‘working remotely’ and ‘working from home’ are not mutually exclusive, writes TLR member Kelly O’Brien. Here, she takes us through her own experience of remote working across the globe, and explains why she will never return to a traditional 9 to 5 office-based job.

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Paula Melbourne The Maple Leaf Career Path Coach
Career Change? Find Your Superpower
22nd February 2022

As part of TLR’s monthly TGIF series of rooftop talks, valued member Paula Melbourne took the mic to help others find their career path superpowers.

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