Coworking spaces have many benefits compared to working at home, in my experience, they are a way of fostering friendships and encouraging relationships. From this, synergies are created and businesses are grown, all from the help and knowledge of your fellow coworkers. Yet another example on how TLR shows its potential to help brand internationalise long before TLR Agency was officially founded.

My name is Gloria and I am part of the TLR coworking family and have been 2 and a half years now. I am currently working on a project called Skindex ; Skindex has been created by us, a team of data scientists with only one mission in mind: keeping the environment and our skin safe. Our team at Skindex have developed a skin ageing index tool to help people become aware that the pollutants and the UV rays in the atmosphere can seriously damage our skin, whilst advising us how best to protect ourselves and the environment from this damage. Skindex is determined to spread awareness and get people on board who are passionate about protecting their own skin, whilst protecting and preserving the environment at the same time.

Skindex App

Working with the Skindex team makes me think about Earth Observation data in a completely different way than I used to: it can be really useful to help people look after themselves and their skin, and at the same time raising awareness regarding serious environmental issues such as air pollution. I had a lot of fun using my knowledge and skills regarding satellite data to give an added value to the data related part of Skindex.

However, we were not able to create Skindex and spread our message if it wasn’t for the great team of people involved along the way, all of whom work in the TLR coworking space and are now our business partners. I’ve asked them to help me out and write up a paragraph about their roles in the project:

Juan at The Living Room CoworkingJuan: “I am leading the creation and expansion of the Skindex Vision. With a background in environmental engineering and data analytics, I am passionate about developing products and solutions to solve real-world problems. Working at TLR has opened a door of opportunities for us to find the right people to further develop our product by collaborating with experts on sales and marketing, graphic design, SEO and business development support.”

Marco at The Living Room CoworkingMarco: “As an experienced Software Engineer and Full-Stack Developer my role in Skindex is to analyze, design and develop the technical solutions to provide our Skincare solutions and to constantly improve them. I’m also responsible for the web exposure of Skindex and in charge of developing the Skindex App.”

Carlos Santaella at The Living Room CoworkingCarlos: “I am the TLR Soho office manager and also I run my own graphic design company. I often form many synergies within the office with different people and businesses and it’s always a positive experience. With the Skindex project, I have been involved from the beginning which was very exciting to see it grow into a successful project. My role in Skindex was to design the entire branding and the applications (web, look & feel, etc) and the best part of the whole project is how everything was born and developed in a commonplace, The Living Room Coworking.”

Farrukh: I started my sales & marketing company 7 years ago, and have been in sales and marketing for over 15 years now. I have built up a proven track record in IT doing projects for companies like Microsoft, Oracle and Ingram Micro. I also help tech start-ups with sales and marketing strategies such as Skindex, taking them from a pre-go to market phase to currently having an active sales funnel and reaching out to their target audience. I am helping them out specifically with the go to market strategy, sales strategy / active sales cycle, social media strategy, pr and actively working the corporate sales cycle. It’s great to be able to work professionally with your coworkers and share ideas to help each other’s businesses grow.” 

Mari Carmen at The Living Room CoworkingMari Carmen: “Working with Skindex has been a very refreshing and enriching experience. A nice combination of backgrounds and experiences. Science and creativity working together proving that when working as a team, 1+1 is much more than 2. My role in the project has been advising about the user uptake and dissemination and to make the 1-minute pitch at the Coppernicus Incubation presentation more attractive and effective. I also help them out with other related speeches. I have very much learned and enjoyed collaborating in this challenge and even more knowing that Skindex can be of real help for so many people in the world. Thank you guys for including me in the team!”

For me, being part of a coworking space isn’t only just a desk in an office space; it allows talented people to form rare partnerships and create niche opportunities. The gears of synergy will soon start spinning, and whoever doesn’t ride the wave could be left behind!

After finishing her career in environmental engineering, Gloria discovered the world of programming or, as she usually calls it, “the world of wonders”. It is a world where everyone shares what they know and above all what they do not know: so you can never be discouraged when you are writing your code. Surely someone will be willing to help you. Gloria loves Python: it is a coding language that has many resources and flexibility and she can use it in several projects because she can combine it with other languages such as SQL or R for data analysis.