We came to Spain to find out if this is the country where we want to settle down. As we are not on holiday but have loads of work to do, we decided to join a coworking space.

When you are new to this lifestyle and have a limited budget, you question many expenses. Nevertheless, there are at least 2 expenses that I would never question related to this travel & work lifestyle so-called “digital nomad lifestyle”. One is the coworking space; the other one is the sound cancelling headphones. Both are valuable investments as one will help you to be productive and the other to network with like-minded people.

We have a year international membership at Regus offices, which is great when we are in a city for a short period and need a space where we can work from. But not great when it comes to networking, being in a community and get to know locals. For us now you know what is important.

On our arrival, we started to search for the best-fit coworking space in Málaga. There are some great ones, but I think we chose the best one for our needs! There were 2 top options, and our choice had a bit more 5* reviews and more importantly an English website. Maybe the other one looked fancier, but we chose this one, called The Living Room.

Best choice we could make. The owner, Ben is on top of everything, and he is the heart of the “coworking family” which works pretty well. There are centrally managed programs, and there are many private initiatives also. While we were in Málaga, there were programs like yoga and meditation, cycling, surfing, more surfing, eating out and drinking together, movie night with food of course.

The Living Room has a real, living community. At daytime, there’s focused work in the office, and members help each other if they can. And in the evenings the real community life starts. Here goes an image of us really being part of the TLR family at some after work fun:

This is why we prefer a real coworking space over a different kind of workspace solution.

If you want to read more about myself and our one month stay in Málaga, check out the full article on my blog.

Kitty Coworker at The Living Room

On her quest for the best place to settle down, Kitty Kálmán stopped by in Málaga and at The Living Room together with her husband Lénárd for a month. Kitty has more than a decade experience in handling and managing corporate clients around the world by understanding their businesses and supporting them to reach their goals. Kitty has served clients in different sectors like IT, hospitality, healthcare, mining, automobile industry, banking and more. Nowadays Kitty focuses on smaller, privately owned businesses, mainly Public Speakers and Business Coaches as she sees their potential to improve their sales & marketing, customer experience and in line with that their revenue.