It’s not easy to wrap your head around the theories of quantum physicists, yet that’s exactly what TLR member Javi helped us achieve during a talk called The Mirror Duality which he gave on the rooftop of our beloved coworking space recently. The mind-blowing event took place as part of the TGIF series of monthly talks.

The Mirror Duality, or The Law of the Mirror, and I think everyone needs to be aware of this concept because it could really inspire a new way of living. This is a topic I wanted to bring to the table because it’s something that really blew my mind when I heard about it. 

The neutrality of reality

As humans, we like to assign labels to the reality we live in. Some things we categories as good, some as bad. Everything is black and white, this or that. 

What makes us assign these labels? Our minds. And this is made up of many influences that affect our minds, from our education to our friends, our learnings. 

But, in reality, the very makeup of reality is not good or bad – it is neutral. 

The reality that we perceive is, in fact, simply a reflection of ourselves and it is different for every single person. My reality is not your reality, and his reality is not her reality. 

The Law of the Mirror

Essentially, The Mirror Rule means that when we look around us we think we see all the people that are there, but we are really only seeing our own reflection. 

It also means that if you want to see a change in the world, you must first make that change inside yourself. 

“Change begins with and within you.”

Javier Leon talking about The Mirror Duality on the TLR rooftop recently

The Mirror Duality: Basic principles

Here are the four basic principles of The Law of the Mirror:

  1. Anything that bothers me, irritates me, or that I want to change in others, is within me. 
  2. Anything that others criticise me for or judge about me, if it bothers me or hurts me, then that has been repressed within myself and it’s necessary to work on that. 
  3. Everything I like about others, what I love about them, is also within me. 
  4. If there is something that another person wants to change in me, criticise me for, or judge about me and it doesn’t affect me or bother me, then that actually belongs to that other person and not to me. 

What is Duality? 

Duality is a principle of nature about how we as humans perceive our reality. We perceive that everything has an opposite, such as left and right, up and down. 

We even consider ourselves to have two opposite sides: the mental and the physical. 

The genesis of this principle of duality comes from the Kybalion manuscripts by Hermes Trismegisto (aka Imhotep from the Egyptian Era). 

Javier Leon talking to the crowd about The Mirror Duality on the TLR rooftop recently

What are the drawbacks of this perceived duality? 

  1. The idea of separation. You and I are the same, but I see you as different to me. And if I love you or hate you then I am not accepting both sides of you. I am not accepting the true nature that everything is neutral. 
  2. Labels. Within duality, we assign labels. Everything is either good or bad, positive or negative. 
  3. Invalidation. If I am saying something is good or bad, I am only accepting one side and invalidating the other side. We see this every day in our politics, in religion. This happens because we perceive reality as duality. 

Working with duality in a positive way

The good news is that once we are aware of duality, we are able to change our perception of it. We can work to realise that the two sides we perceive are actually part of the same thing. That there is oneness in the world. 

The goal or, perhaps, the challenge, is to integrate the idea that we are all just the same energy (cells, protons, neutrons, and electrons) and we come from and go to the same place. 

Science still doesn’t have the answer for where we come from or where we go. It has not discovered that key of life yet. But quantumphysics says we are all energy. The same energy. 

The Mirror Duality: Key Learnings 

While this is a relatively complicated theory that I have attempted to condense into a few short minutes, we can still grasp the basics of The Mirror Rule and try to work with it in order to live life with a slightly different perspective. 

Right now, we can realise the oneness of nature, that not everything has to be categorised into right and wrong, good and bad. In the end, everything exists in balance, and in neutrality. 

And so we, as people, can learn from this and be more empathetic, more respectful, more open-minded, and accept the truth that we are all one. We are all the same. The aspects I dislike about you are actually the aspects I dislike about myself. When you realise this, you can work on those aspects. Likewise, the aspects I like about you, are the aspects I like about myself – and I deserve to feel good about that, and not envious of your good traits, because they are my good traits also. 

If you want to change something about the world, you have to change something within yourself first. 

About Javi

Javier Leon who spoke about The Mirror Duality on the TLR rooftop recently

Javier León is a therapist and life coach as well as a creative and interactive designer. Javi is the fur father of Funky and Soul (a chihuahua and a black cat, respectively), and is also passionate about DJing and MCing. 

Javi currently works for Circit alongside fellow TLR member Mariam and, in his spare time, likes to snowboard, surfskate, and go hiking in nature.

For more information, follow Javi on Instagram or email

Event pics courtesy of TLR members Juan Milano and Carlos Santaella.

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