After two years in Rincón de la Victoria, I can say that this town has a lot to offer for the ‘foodies’ among us. Not only we always have a splendid lunch at our coworking morning at Be Positivo, I hear people talking about food quite a lot ;-). Actually, I thought that I had already tried all the best places in Rincón, but when I asked the TLR Rincón family for recommendations I realized that I have a lot more to discover!

My 3 top recommendations

I’ll start with telling you the ones I recommend the most. One of the first restaurants I visited in Rincón is Estación Término. Their changing menu, nice staff and quiet location make it a delight to eat here. The menu is internationally influenced and also there are vegan and vegetarian options. Reserving a place beforehand is recommended!

For tapas, great ambience and (sometimes) live music you should go to Babel. Also, they have great vegan and vegetarian options.

 Last but not least: I love TC Coral Tapas! A small, cosy restaurant on the paseo, where they remember your name after one visit. I recommend to try the porra (salmorejo) there, it’s the best I ever had. And the brownie for dessert is a must!! Reserve beforehand because it’s a small place and very popular!

Let’s get started!

Like I said before, I thought I had seen & tasted it all!! But again I was confronted with the fact that Rincón has way more to offer than many of us think (I always keep saying that to friends from Málaga ;-)). So even for me, there is more to discover, and I started this week with Txoko, recommended by our very own Sandra because of their great meat and Basque specialities. On Monday it was quiet (I like that!) and I tried a few of their Basque tapas and ‘fideos tostada’. I loved it and have to come back to try more things!

Let’s get organized!

I got overwhelmed by the recommendations from the group (thank you familia!) so to make it easy for you I’ve made a Google Map. There are places for fish, pizza, meat, ice cream, on the beach, in the town, in La Cala & Torre de Benagalbón. I hope everyone finds a place of his/her liking and I’m looking forward to your reaction! Please let us know what you’ve discovered, or if you have another great place to add to the list!